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Two Reasons For Leaving Your Visor Down

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bass_player, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. 1) Birds can shit in you face

    2) It doesn't taste very nice

  2. cigarette butts.
  3. You look like Glen :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. secrets revealed - reasons why people wear tinted visors

    - they look like gen
    - they are nerds
    - they wear glasses and dont want people to know
  5. A fly at 100kmhr hurts, dust at even slow speeds is blinding. I don't know how people go without full face helmets.
  6. Getting stung by a bee on the lips. Happened to my brother.
  7. So I jumped on the bike tuesday night, just a real quick blat up to coles for ciggies then to 'Chefs Noodle' for the best damn Sambal Chilli Noodles this of the great wall of China.
    Sprinkling a little bit but I thought, no dramas, I'm tough.
    Jump on, scream out on to the street, realise that the raisn getting a bit heavier so I drop my visor... DAMN!!! Still got the iridium visor on!

    So I've got two choices, ride blide cause I can see through the rain, or ride blind cause I can't see through the iridium tint...

    No real point to that story, just thought I'd share...
  8. I was riding in Europe, and had my visor up just as a hailstorm hit.... The first 2 seconds felt like my face was dipped in acid and set on fire.... Im a grown bloke and I was crying my eyes out like a little school girl for a few seconds there...

    (not in a blubby way... Just from the pain.... and for some reason I was really really angry)...
  9. Was in the back of a mates Prelude once, doing about 140 up the Pacific Hwy with sunroof open. One single solitary drop if rain comes through, smack! straight onto my eyeball. Ooooouuuuch!! Hurts like buggery...(not that I know what buggery hurts like...)
  10. agreed... also...

    Tinted visor =
    1. Good in sun
    2. ok at night
    3. ok in rain
    3. really really bad in the rain at night
  11. Try hail
  12. Coming down Victoria Pde a couple of days ago a fly flew straight into my helmet and got lodged between my ear and the padding. I was shaking my head from side to side while he's buzzing away, started doing my Rain Man impression by pounding the side of the helmet. Still buzzing, and it bloody tickled aswell!

    He finally got out about a km before the eastern fwy.
  13. I tend to wear "safety" sunglasses (the only thing they probably protect you from is looking remotely good in them) under my helmet - low speeds (say, 60kph or under) I'll often leave my visor just above my vision line. Highway/freeway it goes down though - too much crap on the road.
  14. I have to ride with mine down almost all the time, cos i wear contacts.
    dry contacts - fall out
    get stuff in your eye - extreamly painful
  15. damn right I've run into quite a few of them being flicked out the window.
  16. I was smacked in the neck by a flying beetle the other day and that broke the skin....I would have probably been blinded if it hit me in the eye. :(

    Ditto, those things give you a shock when they bounce in front of you throwing sparks everywhere.
  17. bastard you beat me too it .

    thats why i have a irridum visor :p :LOL:
  18. I do pretty much exactly the same, even have a few pairs of clear safety glasses for when it's hot but dark.
  19. You can buy reasonably trendy looking safety glasses and even safety sunnies.

    My sunnies are safety rated due to working trackside at motorsport you get all sort of stuff flicked up at you and with the speed the cars & bikes are doing it tends to arrive pretty quickly as well as being very painful when it hits you (I was hit in the back of the knee by a wheel nut, a big centre lock type, on the infield at Avalon Speedway two seasons ago and it literally knocked me off my feet. Well motor racing is supposed to be dangerous).

    I've also got a pair of those yellow safety glasses for night time stuff but haven't tried them driving as yet.
  20. oh another reason to leave it down... BLACKHEADS!!!!!