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Two pleasant shopping experiences in one day... woot!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by evilsnoofy, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. Today I continued my search for a helmet that I liked, that fitted my head and that was reasonably priced. Not too much to ask, but until today nothing I liked was in stock anywhere in my size (or was last year's range).

    Today the search continued for the perfect helmet, with surprising results.

    Pleasant Shopping Experience 1: Peter Stevens FTG. Looking around at helmets, staff were pleasant, but as usual didn't have anything I liked in my size. Had a chat to Terry while I paid for a Fox t-shirt for one of the kids. We got talking about how long they'd been there and how much money they'd spent on the renovations/new workshop etc. He casually mentions the clearance centre next door and we toddled off for a look in there.

    OMG Could it be!? The Shark S800 Butterfly helmet in Matte Blue that I had coveted! It was! OMG they have a Size S! Dang, the S is too big. Dare I even ask if they have an XS? OMG THEY DO! AND IT'S A PERFECT FIT! The staff were really nice and I was amazed at the range of stuff they had and the prices - seriously good value.

    Hurrah! I am one happy camper.

    Pleasant Shopping Experience 2: Bike Mart Ringwood for a Forcefield L2 Back protector. Brian in Bike Mart was so nice! Super helpful, super friendly. Helped jamesn with his back protector and then took the time to show me ladies jackets to fit my ample bosom (first time I've EVER found a ladies jacket to do this - normally I have to buy men's jackets and deal with arms that drag along the ground).

    So we're 2/2 win with the two items we were after today and didn't get the frosty attitude we've received at some bike stores in the last week or so.
  2. +100
    Glad you enjoyed your day.... Always nice having successful bike shopping days!!!

    Couldnt agree more with your choices of stores in Ringwood. I have only ever had good experiences in both stores.
  3. Hello,

    Its good that you enjoy your shopping day. I didn't experience like that yet.

  4. Olivia, firstly welcome and secondly that not good that you didnt experience a happy shopping trip.
    Are you in Victoria?? Have you been to these shops?? Be surprised if you didnt get good service from either.
  5. you had me at ample
  6. Hello,

    Thank you Gilesy for welcome me. I am not from Victoria i am from Toronto.

  7. Hi evilsnoofy, I just love going accessory shopping too. Great to hear you got exactly what you were after. I have a Shark helmet too, its a really nice fit, good choice!!
  8. Cheers ametha!

    I've since had even more pleasant shopping experiences, which has been nice.

    The Shark was a perfect fit, snug but without chipmunk cheeks or feeling like my head was in a vice!