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QLD Two Piece Zipped Together

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by BMWRX, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. I'm thinking of doing my first track day at QR or Lakeside in the near future and the requirements state that you must wear leathers, either as a one piece or a two piece zipped together. Now, the stipulation for wearing a two piece states that the pants and jacket must be zipped together "right around the body." My Alpinestars jacket and pants zip together, but zip only goes from the inside of my left hip bone, around the back, and to the inside of my right hip bone, leaving the section in the middle unzipped. Is this considered "right around the body" or do they mean literally that the zip must close all the way back to it's starting point?

  2. With my Ricondi pants there is probably a 100-150mm gap at the front where the zip doesn't meet up.

    I'm guessing the 'right around the body' is a clause to stop people zipping the small section together at the back that you sometimes see on pants.

    But, you know that I'm speaking out my arse and having a guess.
  3. You'll be fine with that set-up, they just don't want people using the short zipper. My gear zips hip to hip and I've not had a drama.
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  4. Also according the bike shop I get my gear from you'll also need to run a lower back protector if you run a 2-piece, pretty sure they're fairly cheap and just sort of velcro around your waist and you put your leathers over the top.....
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  5. There's no mention of needing a back protector on the track day website for QR or Lakeside. What would be the reasoning behind it (if there was a concern that the zip would fail, then I'm thinking that 2-piece suits wouldn't be allowed at all)?
  6. Weren't you going to get one anyway?
  7. I'm getting a back protector. But not like the one described above. The one I'm getting sits over your back whereas what is mentioned above goes around the waist.
  8. I've just got an upgraded one that lives in my jacket. At Eastern Creek I've never been checked or asked if I have one or not. It is a very good idea to have one though.
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  9. Past experience from 3 ~ 4 years ago, they do like you to have one. They'll let you out in the slow / beginner's group without, but they'll watch you, and kick you out right quick if they think you're doing anything silly.
    The reasoning has very little to do with one or two piece. Reasoning has to do with Wayne Rainey and wheelchairs.
  10. I'll definitely have a decent back protector (the type that goes in the pouch inside the jacket) for a track day. However, I'm unsure about the type mentioned above where it velcros around your waist (or is that referring to the type that straps onto your back independent of the jacket).
  11. I think you're talking about the same thing. A good back protector covers the lower back to the top of the bum. If you had a protector that went lower than that what would be the point?
  12. Which leads to the next question. Which back protector? Alpinestars have the KR-1 and the KR-2 but they look pretty much the same.
  13. Here's the velcro fastening wrap round:


    There's plenty around second hand $35/75 ish.
    No way i'd go round the track without one.

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  14. Also with these you're not limited to what fits your jacket - and the protection is far superior.
    The flimsy ones you get as standard in A*s jacket i beef up with an additional layer, cut oversize by a couple of inches. That's just me though.
  15. I might get the stronger protector for road, then buy one of the above for track days as it looks like it covers far more of the back.
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  16. Just bought a Dainese G2 back protector for our March CSS at PI. Fits perfectly into my Dainese jacket. There are a ton of various back protectors on Gumtree, many in as new condition so check them out - got this one for $60.

  17. Pffft....whatever. :cry:

    Wish we had CSS in Qld. Oh wait we do...sort of, sometimes....maybe.

    Wish we had PI in Qld too. :p
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  18. Mate how's the MT-09 treating you? Toom uch time riding I think, your info still says you're on the Ninja..
  19. It has fried his brain
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  20. Best. Shit. Ever.

    Well, for me anyway...... :)

    Break in period is killing me though.