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Two new Arai helmets.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by rc36, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. Arai is set to release two new helmets using the Vector design. Both are "tribute" helmets, one a Freddie Spencer replica and the other a Kevin Schwantz replica.



    Reading of O/S web sites indicates that the helmets won't be available in the US and may, in fact be restricted to the Japanese market only.

    However, the latest AMCN has a full-page ad for them, so, hopefully, they will be made available here. I don't know that I'll be able to afford one but I wish I could. The FSR was my first "expensive" helmet and I bought it from the late Len Willing's shop in Wyong in 1983, just before Freddie won his first 500cc World Championship.

    Here's me wearing mine at an Oran Park meeting in 1984.


  2. Oh now that is some nostalgia, i was wondering who it was in that photo. Shame they will be going for twelve to fifteen hundred i would imagine.
  3. You've got a vivid imagination there tiger. Arai Vector is around half what you imagine.
  4. Oh, i was expecting prices similar to rossi signatures and such was all.
  5. I like the first one.

    I'd buy it if I had one of these
  6. If you had one of those..


    you'd buy one of these...


    This is the later Spencer Replica when the team was sponsored by Rothmans. It's also being released at the same time.

    AND, further to that, I just spoke to Cassons and they will be available in around 3 weeks time and the RRP will be $799.00
  7. Could still just get that first one, but never wash it :p
  8. first one doesn't look like a vector, looks like my rx7 corsair which did cost 1k
  9. Price as quoted is correct. Rang Cassons today and checked to be sure. $799
  10. just seems strange they would sell both models for same price when normally the vector goes for about 600 and the corsair around 1k. if they were both 800 one would be good value and the other one shithouse
  11. 2 New Arai Helmets

    The 1st one is def not a Vector but the designs are very nice if you want a replica.

    I have the Vector Doohan Replica tis a great helmet and a tribute to a great rider.