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Two mystery engines

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by hornet, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. Um, for the first one, is it the mill from a CBX1000 Honda? Big blingin' beasts they are...

    Cuz, uh, that's the only 6 I know apart from the new Suzuki...
  2. moto morini 6 ??? and a laverda tripple ??
  3. First is from a Honda CBX1000, as Loz says.

    Still researching the 2nd.
  4. OK, a bit of a hint: they are stock engines with extensive modifications, albeit very well done......
  5. Guessing the second is from a Yamaha GX750, but could be wrong.
  6. I would ay the first is a Suzuki GS1000 with a couple of extra cyls attached and the second is a highly modified Yamaha XS850.
  7. I think the first one (6cyl) is a 4 cyl Kwaka with an extra cyl grafted onto each side ... am still puzzling over the 3cyl one but it looks like it was originally a 4 cyl but has had the left hand cyl amputated.
    Both look to be Japanese castings to me judging by the "finish" on the casings ..... ??????
  8. We have a winner for the first, well done, johnny O, still waiting for the second.
  9. Wrong on the first, half a cigar on the second.
  10. A Suzuki GS850 with the left cyl removed?
  11. Or GSX1100 with the left cyl removed.