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Two kinds of riders: Which one are you?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Justin Stacks, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. I hear it a lot. "There are two kinds of riders. The ones that have gone down, and the ones that are going down."

    Also, noobs always want to know if it is possible to ride without ever going down.

    I always thought I'd be one of those legends that will "never go down", but while still on my Ps, I was rear ended to no fault of my own, so now I'm part of the "Been Down" crew.

    Now that I'm doing a lot more track days, although I always have the mindset of "NOT going down", I'm mentally prepared that it may happen again be it from my own doing or at the result of someone else.

    So which one are you? Feel free to tell your story of going down or share pics.
  2. Been down, every time it's happened it's been my fault.
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  3. Been down. Filtering, none the less. Walked away with a sprained ankle and a panic attack :)
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  4. I've been down and will go down again
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  5. I go down all the time, my partner loves it.

    But seriously everyone will fall.
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  6. I had proudly never gone down until i crossed paths with some leaf litter after a few years of staying upright. I used to say to myself, "even though they say everyone goes down, doesn't mean I will!"
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  7. 3 weeks into riding and haven't been down, would like to keep it that way.
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  8. Down twice. Both times I was stationary at a red light and hit from behind :(

    I think everyone has to fall, what you can do is make them minor.
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  9. 2 weeks riding.... Got hit by a car pulling out. 4 years later I dropped it on tram tracks in the rain
  10. Never been down and dont intend on going down. However things happen and ill prob stuff up somewhere(y)
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  11. Yep, been down a few times over the years. First time was while taking a roundabout at, let's just say, an enthusiastic pace, when I found an oil patch with the front tyre... and the rest, as they say, is history.
  12. I do believe it's not a matter of if, but when. I went down about a month ago, was only doing 50-60km/h. Had a mind lapse, run wide, hit some gravel build up on the outer edge of the road and lowsided. I feel i push harder through the corners now. Also gave me some self satisfaction after plastic welding my fairings and respraying them my self. It was needed after the severe ego bashing i copped lol.
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  13. I've had a few incidents, clipped a car and stayed on it, I've rear ended another bike gone for a small flight over the bars, I've come off various dirt bikes a handful of times. That's around 8 years road riding, well over 100,000km, been riding dirt for around 2 years, been going to the track for 5 years, doing my second season of road racing this year, I've had a small taste of MX and also flat track.

    All that and I can count the minor crashes on one hand. I'm known to be a massive hoon but I still consider myself to be very cautious but also just plain lucky.

    Someone told me a good aviation quote once it went "a veteran pilot flys uses his superior judgement, rather than relying on his superior skills". I reckon that sums up motorcycling to the letter.

    Don't put yourself in dangerous position in the first place, whether it's filtering between 2 trucks on the road or making a bullshit dive under someone at the track.

    It sounds easy of course but it always comes back to looking/planning ahead, imagine the different permutations of how it could pan out and adjust your plan accordingly. If you don't realize our in a bad situation until your knee deep in it then that's when your relying on skill/luck to bail you out.
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  14. 1 - 2

    I've had 3 "offs": 1 cage drivers fault and 2 my fault.

    2 of the 3 were very significant and resulted in over 9 months hospital combined. Ya live and learn!
  15. I fell off 3 days after first buying the VTR back in 2009. Came into a roundabout a bit hot, gave it too much lean, back wheel hit a corrugation and down I went. Haven't come off since touch wood.
  16. Been down several times, mostly my fault, once someone else's fault, once just shyt outta luck but was abused and threatened by the copper who was supposed to put out the ice signs an hour before it happened.
  17. When I had my Virago 250 I went over on the nature strip in front of my house. I went to ride up on the footpath and down the neighbour's driveway but instead of going up onto the path the front wheel ran along the side of the path and put me off balance. That's embarrassing. :oops:

    When I had my V Star 650 I dropped it while attempting a U turn after having it for a week. Still wasn't quite used to the bike and it was 100kg heavier than the last bike. It didn't help that the road sloped down, it wasn't a good place to do a U turn. It leaned that bit too far over and I couldn't bring it back. All I remember thinking as it was going over was "fcuking hell, I just got this!" Only damage was a few small scratches on the bike and a couple of bruises on me.
  18. No and too old to start now, takes too long to get up if at all.
  19. When I was learning, I took a corner too wide and came face to face with a car. Decided the best option of the two was to hit the footpath, and I did.....a few scrapes and bruises to both bike and myself, otherwise ok. Have dropped my current Virago by attempting a tight U turn on a downhill slope. My leg was caught under the bike and I was by myself at the time but I soon several passing cars had stopped to help lift it off me. After that I have vowed to do U turns much better in future. More embarrassing than anything else.
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  20. Back-ended in traffic