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Two-headed Tasmanian

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MaxMadd, Oct 18, 2015.

  1. New to Netrider, but I've been a sport/touring biker for over 40 years. Moved to Tasmania from NSW (so there's no second head on my shoulders, I just have the usual two) and looking for info on rides / ride buddies here. Share the love!

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  2. Welcome to Tassie MaxMaddMaxMadd hope you are enjoying our playground. Are you actually from " Promised Land" on the North West coast or is that tongue in cheek ? There is The Shannon's 30th anniversary Ross Motorcycle show happening on November 22nd and it's a great event if you have the time. Last year saw several hundred bikes on display and a huge number in the carpark . $5.00 entry and food etc. available on-site. 120 year range of mechanical marvels and bling..... Try and stay until the prizes are handed out then enjoy the "thunder" as 100's of bikes fire up to head home.
  4. Thanks for the welcome East Coast, and the heads up about the Ross show - its on the calendar. Yes, I'm just up the road from Tazmazia, at Promised Land - appropriate for a place with 50 great rides in a one hour radius. Previously at Pontypool, so I wore out a set of tyres on the Pontypool - Swansea section of the highway, the Lake Leake road and, of course, I've tried the Elephant / St Marys Pass loop a half-dozen times. Love the pancakes!
  5. Hi there :) Always nice to meet a new member :) Looking forward to your Showcase ... maybe with some awesome Tasmanian backdrops :)
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  6. Hi and welcome Max, a Tasmanian who rides a Tiger, I'll go with that(y) Lake Leake Road, oh yes please, perhaps we can meet up when we venture down your way next february, we can be your ride buddies for a day:D
    Come and see the real thing for yourself Diantra, and get amongst it:playful: See below.....:)
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  7. Pontypool !! I am just north of Swansea. You should have joined Netrider earlier we could have teamed up and created chaos on the coast. You are right about the tyres on our roads , 3-4000 klms and they are knackered but we do get excellent "grin per kilometre" value from them. Might see you at Ross.
  8. I had a look at your proposed trip Ned and, only for the fact that it has a Hobart hub for day rides, would have asked to join up. But certainly interested in "escorting" you there, and then again when you come back? Its only about four hours (along the back roads) from my place to Hobart.
  9. Welcome Max! Roads are certainly prime down here!
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  10. Welcome mate, safe riding