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Two guys get married, gay community offended

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Incontinentia, Sep 13, 2014.

  1. Marriage of two straight men for radio competition angers gay rights group
    Friends Travis McIntosh and Matt McCormick were married at Eden Park in Auckland on Friday to win Rugby World Cup tickets

    The marriage of two heterosexual New Zealand men as part of a radio show promotion to win tickets to next year’s Rugby World Cup in London has been criticised by gay rights and conservative groups.

    Travis McIntosh, a 23-year-old engineering student from Otago university, and Matt McCormick, a 24-year-old teacher at Musselburgh school in Dunedin, were married at Eden Park in Auckland on Friday.

    About 60 family members travelled to Auckland to watch the two best mates marry to win a trip of a lifetime. The marriage was live-streamed by the Edge radio station.

    “It’s official folks, Travis and Matt have just said ‘I do’! Congrats to the happy couple!” the station tweeted.

    Neill Ballantyne, the co-ordinator of Otago University Students Association Queer Support, said the wedding was an insult because marriage equality was a hard-fought battle for gay people. Same-sex marriage became legal in New Zealand in 2013.

    McIntosh said the wedding was not mocking the institution of marriage. “We are not here to insult anyone,” hetold the NZ Herald. “We are here to do our own thing and travel our own path.

    “It’s just seeing how far two good mates would go to win a trip to the Rugby World Cup.”

    Family First, a lobby group opposed to same-sex marriage, said the outrage expressed by gay rights groups was ironic.

    Its national director, Bob McCoskrie, said the change in law was “an arrogant act of cultural vandalism”.

    “This competition makes a mockery of marriage, but so did the redefining of marriage,” he said.

    The men met at Pirates rugby club in Dunedin as six-year-olds and have been friends ever since.

    McIntosh told the Otago Daily Times he thought the marriage would last about two years.


    Maybe they'll turn though?

    The comments are grand.
  2. those gay right groups are always angry about something.
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  3. They're hardly going to remain tight-lipped about it.
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  4. *Yawn* Why the heck is this topic even relevant on a bike forum? First Gambia and now this...

    Everywhere I turn it seems they're on about something. TV, Media, and now more recently it seems netrider's joined in.

    If people want to choose that life style that's their choice - but it gets really tiring for the rest of us when if keeps getting thrown in our face over and over again. I come here to get away from the media and see something different - something that actually interests me - bikes and stuff that bike riders are interested in... not what makes someone with a certain sexual preference upset.

    My suggestion: If you really want to bring up gay related stuff here, start by talking about GSRX riders - at least it's half relevant to this forum. ;-)
  5. Time you check the forum description n00b!

    If you have no interest in discussing non-bike or gay topics, cease browsing threads in this forum.

  6. Sorry Justus. Fair call about the topic part. I normally click on new posts - and see them all.

    I guess it's finally wearing thin seeing this sort of protest every turn I make lately, and thought that if almost anything's fair game in this board to post whatever, then it should be OK for me to respond with my views too. (With an attempt at a bit of humour at the end which was obviously lost as well), but regardless I guess I shouldn't have said what I said about the topic part. My bad.
  7. 2 rugby "mates" get married

    'sif not gay :D
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  8. #8 uncle greg, Sep 14, 2014
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    yeah bet they met in the shower, lol

    one of my friends ride a gsxr, hmm but he does have a cute brother
  9. You do realise that most homosexuals don't choose to be gay, it's also not a lifestyle.
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  10. yeah but I bet its a pain in the arse
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  11. Depends if you're a top or a bottom.
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  12. So I'm guessing the 200+ bikes that lead the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras march each year choose that life style too?

    Bike riding is a lifestyle choice, homosexuality is not. If you're against basic human rights being all "up in your face" then you are a part of the problem.
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  13. #13 smileedude, Sep 15, 2014
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    You need to learn to read newspapers properly.

    "The marriage of two heterosexual New Zealand men as part of a radio show promotion to win tickets to next year’s Rugby World Cup in London has been criticised by gay rights and conservative groups."

    = we called up as many groups as we could and we found an activist group from the gays and conservatives who didn't like it when first hearing about it.

    I some how doubt many gays or conservative groups cared beyond responding negatively when asked.
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  14. Why the 'they' mate? Dont you reckon there are gay riders? Probably more people on here are gay than you think. Not sure if they would want to be open about it considering your attitude which does seem to be rather offended by who someone is.
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  15. Thanks for the clarification, but what everyone seems to have missed is that my opposition wasn't against gays. It was against the constant topic brought up whereever I turn. It wouldn't worry me if it was gays, clive palmer, the union scandle /julia's inquest, etc - after a while hearing the constant topic gets a bit tiring, which I've already apologised for seeing that this is a 'anything goes' board - but the bashing continues...

    OK - what do you guys expect from me. Should I not only apologise for getting the board topic wrong, but also for exercising my basic human right to voice my own opinion, right wrong or otherwise?

    I think Incontinentia's showed me where I've gone wrong here as it does seem this board might be run by the extreme left - as I'm seeing similar tactics - that freedom of speech should only go to certain people who agree with them and bully everyone else that dare voices an opposing view.
  16. No-one (who matters) is going to stop you voicing your opinion, as long as it's done within the terms of the forum, same as anyone else.
    Don't get confused between the opinions of other users and how this place is run by the way.
  17. ajrider, you have in fact voiced your opinion, and been able to do so. Same with incontinentia, who is smart enough to keep within the T&Cs.
    Just because other people don't always agree with you doesn't constitute a conspiracy, or bullying. Abide by a simple set of terms and conditions designed to give everyone a chance to participate, and there will be no intervention from your imagined 'extreme left' oppression.
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  18. I was just wondering how difficult it would be to exclude 'The Pub' (and Off Topic discussions) from the 'New Posts' Button?

    Not that I care one way or the other about this issue... but I ACTUALLY don't care one way or the other and I'm looking for bike posts when I click 'NEW POSTS'.
  19. No, you can unwatch a thread so you don't get alerts. Why did you enter the thread if you have no interest in it by the way ?
  20. I was working my way down the new posts and clicked on it without paying much attention to the title to be honest.

    Can I un watch an entire forum?