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NSW Two Guinea Pigs with all accessories free to good home

Discussion in 'Free To Good Home' started by ad91on, Sep 1, 2011.

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  1. I have to get rid of my two little friends due to increased concern over being evicted...

    There are two guinea pigs, both just over a year old, one a desexed male the other a fully sexed female.

    They are very social animals and would be great for a family that had more space/time for them.

    I have had them since they were born so they are very tame and well handled.

    I will give them away for free to a good home complete with hay, pellets, toys and a hutch if you need it (home made with lots of love!) You will need a fairly large wagon or trailer to pick up the hutch, however.

    Let me know if you're interested!

    Names are Steve and Chuckie (or Stephen and Charlie if they are being naughty).

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  2. what about the gaffer tape? or have you used it all?
  3. Are they house trained?
    How much do they weigh?
    How fast can they run?
  4. No comes with nice roll of both gaffer and cloth tape.

    Sort of house trained.

    They're pretty fat, 1.2 kgs there abouts

    they will run as fast as their stubby little asses will let them.
  5. did i mention they fight crime?
  6. Good - then they're already comfortable with wearing masks...
    They live outside, right?
  7. yes they live outside, they are used to fighting off hoards of buttpirates...
  8. allnight orgy then rodent for brecky yumy
  9. OK so I've had some fun here, but I asked Mrs K if I was allowed last night - she was having none of it unfortunately.
    Pity - I like animals more than people...
  10. Checked with my missus last night - the kids have had them before, we also have 2 rabbits at the moment. (Growing up on a farm, I have a different view on these things, normally through a scope). Not sure yet but she's thinking about it.
  11. It would be great if someone on here took them, i've got them advertised on gumtree but i'm much more concerned about them going to a good home, and we all know that good homes have motorcycles.

    Let me know!
  12. The netrider community has not yet asked for postage costs, very slack there guys....
  13. Well you considering a trade for a couple of gerbils? I'm thinking of trading up to something a little bigger.

    Seriously though, good luck rehoming the little guys.
  14. incredibly, when i posted this ad, the thought that people might consider guinea pigs as a purely sexual proposition never even crossed my mind...
  15. Sorry mate, negative response from the missus. Good luck.
  16. Yeah me too - I hassled again yesterday and got the old "Do whatever you fucking-well like then" response.
    And we all know what that means ;)

  17. go to a brothel then then use her quote :)
  18. She'll hide all my spoons again, for sure :D
  19. Ask any prospective adopter whether they've read The Wasp Factory. If they have, either turn them down or throw in a box of shuttlecocks with the deal :D.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.