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Two great bike hire/tour experiences in a week!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Nitrox72, Oct 31, 2015.

  1. I've never endorsed a business online before but have had such a great pair of experiences over the last week that I wanted to share on Netrider.

    Last weekend I was in Auckland NZ and decided to hire a bike with a mate (who has never been on a bike before!) and ride the North Island. I hired a BMW R1200RT from the guys at Te Waipounamu (New Zealand Motorcycle Tours, Rentals and Hire NZ - Rental Motorbikes) in Hillside Auckland. Aiden sorted us out with the bike, some gear and gave us all the tips we needed on where to go, etc. Given we only had two days and the first morning was torrential rain I'm surprised to say this was one of the most awesome motorcycling experiences of my life. If you've never ridden the north eastern corner of NZ (the Coromandel Peninsula) you really must - dramatic coastline where mountains meet the ocean along endless 25-35km/hr corners and switchbacks. Stayed in Matamata on Saturday night and headed back Sunday via Cambridge. If you're riding solo I'd suggest hiring a smaller bike like the 650 VStrom. Highly recommended and the whole weekend cost me just over A$400!

    Today I found myself in Adelaide so thought I'd knock another road off the bucket list. I reached out to Phil at Rad Tours (Rad Tours). What a great day this was, perfect weather, amazing scenery again along coast hugging roads, wineries and the infamous Adelaide Hills riding on one of Phil's five new Benelli BN600R's. I'm used to riding bigger bikes so was a little concerned about the smaller Benelli but couldn't have been more wrong - this thing was an absolute hoot! I was Phil's only booking for the day so had a personal guide, new bike, fuel all for $250! Again, highly recommended.


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  2. Thanks for your kind words Mike, turns out I joined netrider a few years ago. Cheers Phil
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