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Two girls on a sports bike - what should I have said...?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Trevor G, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. I've been happily married for 3 years now - this happened before then. :)

    Do you always have a ready answer, no matter what happens?

    Do you have a way with the opposite sex that never leaves you short of conversation, or a good line?

    I don't know that I ever really recovered from this experience - I certainly never met up with these two again! It has bothered me for some years and now, since we are such a diverse lot in netriders, I thought that there could be some good advice on offer as to how I could have handled this better. Who knows, these two might even be moderators...somewhere, maybe. ;-)

    There are probably some young guys in here who are just as stage-struck as I was, who could use some brotherly or even sisterly advice on this very point.

    I was on my very shiny Kawasaki midrange sportsbike, stopped at the lights in Church St, Parramatta. A very similar bike pulled up beside me (OK, their's was green, mine was red) with 2 stunning looking young ladies on it.

    She blipped the throttle a couple of times and then leaned over slightly to say, "Where'd you get your bike, at the dump?"

    I grinned and said without a moment's hesitation, "Yeah, just after you!"

    (I didn't think - it wasn't something that happened to me a lot...and some of you will no doubt say, "And for good reason!")

    Well, in the next moments I realised that these two were not the sort of YLs I was used to being around: they swore, and swore, and swore at me some more. In a way I was glad that the lights changed then, because I thought that they might actually get off and belt into me. ;-)

    They took off with great rapidity (that means really fast!) and I was left a little stunned. Was I meant to pursue and subdue, or wink and slink away?

    In the end I went about my business but there have been times that I have really pondered on what went wrong.

    Was there an answer that would have given me access to an enduring friendship? Did I do the right thing and avoid being sportsbike trash for some highly strung girls?

    Puzzled from the bush ;-)

    Trevor G

    PS I used to live in Sydney, tho!
  2. possible quick-draw answers, for future reference-
    "arent you meant to be in the kitchen?"
    "i'd love to see your boobs!"
    "you're making me hard!"
  3. should have talked to the bike - "Where'd you get your rider? At the pound?"
  4. Let me get this straight before I answer the question.. Are you asking what you could have possibly said to turn the situation into a threesome with these girls right? or at least have some conversation..

    Here's the answer... They were lezo's with filthy mouths.. Would you really have wanted anything to do with them after the abuse you endured?

  5. Allow me to completely stereo type here but... are you sure they weren't batting for the same team? You might not have had a chance in the first place. Or they may have had boyfriends...

    That outta the way...and ignoring the fact that you have half a minute to somehow make a connection to these girls... it almost sounds as if you were calling her trash...not her bike. Sooo... maybe a simple Hi would have been a lot better... you know take the joke without zinging one back at em... "You girls been for a ride? where abouts?" Simple small talk dude... maybe ride next to them til the next set of lights... then talk some more and say hey can I get one of your numbers so we can go for a ride together one weekend.... I reckon thats was your only shot.

    Well that and showing off some deft stunts... maybe stand on your tank or something. Then they might think you are just cool enough... assuming they are the kinda girls impressed by that crap.

    To be honest tho dude despite the fact that they spoke to you first ... doesn't mean they really wanted anything more and you'd NEVER manage to snag both of them in some kinda bike fantasy ;) Keep on dreaming :)
  6. Oh yeah, habibi nails it on the 4ht post of the thread :LOL:.
  7. So knowing you wouldn't get any where try:

    you look as gay as your bike...

    After swearing so much:

    I have a better use for your mouths...

    After insulting your bike:

    I'm amazed one of you fit on the bike let alone both of you fat bitches.

    Why aren't you girls riding scooters... that must be your boyfirends bike huh?

    Love your bike but it'd look better without you on it...

    I could make up insults for hours... each more lame than the next... but about on par with the girls'
  8. classic!!

    now haz abawt some yo' momma jokes!
  9. 2 hot chicks getting it on, talking dirty .. ummmmm .. nup, dont want anything to do with them... [-o< :roll: :LOL:
  10. come to surry hills in Sydney and swing by newtown.. check out the lezo action there and tell me you want something to do with it :D

    + they weren't talking dirty.. they were yelling verbal abuse at him!
  11. [-(
    ...still would have asked to see boobs!
  12. talk about yo can o' worms!
  13. :rofl:
  14. Punch them. They love that.
  15. hmmm...I'd just have gone way more foul mouthed:

    "how bout I stuff my c*** so far up your a** that it comes out yer f***ing mouth you filthy rug muncher?" :oops:
  16. I dunno, i just would have played up on it a bit, said something like "yeah they were all out of Ducatis" :)
  17. [​IMG]
  18. +1 Loz Id have just kicked their bike over

    Then told them I am sorry and that my leg slipped :p

    But seriously the 2 girls were really asking for it? Would any of you really walk up to a stranger and say your bike looks shit or something like that?
  19. You should have told them how fat they looked and that their arses were huge. They would have exploded on the spot. Granted, you'd be covered in angry lezzo chunks but you'd score a second bike and two spare helmets. :LOL:
  20. should have sped ahead of them, turned around, pull you pants down and wave your cock around while yelling , how you like me now bitches!!??

    but seriously though, why did they suddenly start yelling abuse at you after they were the ones who started talking?
    i agree with habibi
    bunch of foul mouth lezzos