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two-fitty does the GOR

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Masakali, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Took the day off work, and went for a nice long ride today.
    Having been to GOR in the cage many times, was excited to do it on the two-fitty for the first time.


    After the boring M1 stretch, i wanted to get off the freeway ASAP, so decided to take a quick break along the Geelong waterfront.


    Lost on Cape Otway Rd somewhere, GPS routing has failed me again, taking me to unsealed roads, luckily i have pre-downloaded maps installed, and find my way.


    Got hungry earlier than i expected, so stopped by Colac for a Big Mac meal, after a short ride, I finally hit the twisties on Colac-Beech Forest Rd.


    What a beautiful road.


    At Lavers Hill, was originally going to go left through the Otways to Apollo Bay for lunch, but because I already ate, decided to head towards Port Campbell instead.

    Quick stop near the Apostles.


    Didn't realise the two-fitty was so photogenic.


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  2. Finally made it to Port Campbell, the two-fitty decided to take in the views from the grass.


    Headed back to Lavers Hill the same way, the twisties at Lower Gellibrand is at the moment my favourite set of twisties, it was so fun I forgot to stop to take a picture. Had some fish and chips at Apollo Bay, and off I go again.


    Was getting late, and I actually had to be back in Melbourne for dinner. But when I got to Skenes Creek, I just couldn't help myself, so decided to do the Skenes Creek, Forrest, Deans Marsh, Lorne run. Thankyou daylight savings for making this possible at such a late hour.


    Loop completed, back to Lorne.


    There was a massive trail of campervans, so stopped and enjoyed the view to give myself some space for a free run at the twisties.


    Everyone seems to take a photo here, so I decided to take one too.


    And then the long journey home via. the dreaded M1. My hate for this road is summed up by cars overtaking me then slamming down the brakes down to 80kph for the cameras, and then speeding up back to 100kph again afterwards. Makes it more dangerous if you ask me.

    What a fun filled day!

    The two-fitty did well, on the twisties it is a blast, but wouldn't mind a couple of extra horses to overtake more quickly, luckily weekday drivers actually notice you and slow down for you to overtake, was actually surprised how many drivers actually did this!
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  3. Nice write up. Sounds like a fun trip and hope to get down there myself one time with a bike.

    Must say that your bike looks better from the side though. Not too keen on the face of those new CBR250s.
  4. nice...........................
  5. I'm doing a similar trip on the Monday before Melb Cup. Great pics. Looks like you had a blast.
  6. The little 250 that could.... getting out ..good to see mate
  7. Hi,

    Thanks for the great write up and pics looks like you had a fantastic day.

    Cheers Jeremy
  8. I miss the GOR, my GPX and living in Ocean Grove :(
  9. Good work! She is quite photogenic!

    Noticed you painted your exhaust cover as well - did you just attack it with a spray can or something abit more involved?
  10. Nice pics and a nice write up. I’ve been on the GOR numerous times in the car but never on a bike yet. It’s on the to-do list thought.

    Looks like you need to revisit and refresh those memories. :)
  11. well done and some very nice pics :)
  12. For anyone wanting to the GOR, doing it on a weekday in the opposite direction is the way to go, no popo all day and barely any traffic.

    I was there a few months ago in the cage showing some visitors around, and the road is a nightmare on the weekend going westbound.

    Was completely unplanned, was cleaning out the shed, and found half can of matte black, looked at bike, looked at hand...
  13. So Door to Door - How many hours did it take you?
  14. Next time you should go south east towards Sorrento (more scenic), catch ferry to Queenscliff and then continue through GOR. The M1 is rather a very horrid stretch of road for any motorcycle, let alone a 250!

    I will be doing the GOR some time soon once I give my Across the service it needs. Will take some of the routes you took, thanks for sharing :D.
  15. A 250 can definitely handle the GOR easily.

    Mine had no problem keeping up with a HD fatboy a couple of weekends ago and that's heaps bigger. Then again it was a HD, so maybe not so much of an achievement. He did take off from me once we got on a straight bit, but I caught back up to him in the corners.

    I'm lucky enough to be able to get down there early on the day without having to get up at the crack of dawn. I still prefer the ride down on the GOR and back inland, doesn't have the same impact coming back along the coast.Glad you did some of the way on Cape Otway Road.

    Just need to be careful though if you come back via Deans Marsh Road from Lorne onto the Princes at Winchelsea. There's a fixed speed camera just after you go from 80kms to 60kms. Don't know if there are any regulations on how soon after a change of speed they can put a speed camera, but I am usually careful going through there and just keep under.
  16. Looks like you had fun.

    nice write up.
  17. Well done OP.....great review/ride of a spectacular road......

    Keep it up (y)
  18. well done !
    great pics too!
  19. I remember the first time i did the GOR on a bike. Mine was the MC22 CBR250. had a blast on that little thing. Then I done it again a few years later on one of my Supermoto's and vowed never to get a super sport again lol.
  20. hey [MENTION=22738]Pezza[/MENTION] hows lonnie ? you gotta do some road research down there and post some reviews, help the 'mainlanders' decide which way to go when they get there :) Hope you're all settled there.