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Two firsts today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dane75, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. Both happened whilst cornering around town.

    First one was the toes of my boot scrapping on the ground as I went round.. never really thought I was laying it over as much as what I imagine others so I was a bit surprised when the boot touched down. In hindsight I guess it's not the best thing to scrape either.

    Second one was my back tyre slipping out a bit. Was going right through a roundabout and just before I came out of it the back tyre slipped out a bit. I don't really know if it was due to turning in too sharp on what was a fairly smooth bit of road (probably a combination of both) wasn't any noticable oil on there. Luckily I managed to correct it easily and didn't end up cleaning the road surface with my legs and arse.

    Also ended up riding through a bloody locust swarm... little bastards were splattering all over me, the worst bit was I had to go back through them a second time on the way home lol

    Gave the bike a clean after as it looked like a friggin locust cemetary.

  2. u get used to the ass end sliding on a motard :p
  3. From what i can remember of the heat in echuca on my couple of trips every year as a kid, i hazard to guess that the ground was melting and becoming a liquid under your tyres seemed i was always 1 degree off melting when there :LOL:
  4. Try moving your boots away from the foot controls so the balls of your feet are on the pegs; you won't scrape your boots as easily. Something the instructor on my P's test picked up on. I was told it's safer to move your feet away from the controls when you don't need them so you don't accidentally knock the gear lever or jam your foot on the rear brake if you were to hit a pothole or a large bump
  5. Yeah it does get a bit like that here.... but it was early morning today when I did it

    JP, thanks for the advice, I'll have to remember to do that
  6. I slid my back tire the first time last week to which caused me to scrape my toe sliders on the ground. There was gravel in the middle of the road so I must of hit it, for a second I thought I was a gonner but bike just stopped sliding and went on its merry way.

    It felt very much like just doing skids on the ol' BMX when I was a little kiddie. Haha, just as much fun at the time but shit myself later when I realised what happened.
  7. A tad too much foot brake pressure causes my back wheel to step out.
  8. Rear slipping out can be a worry if it goes past a certain point. One morning, i picked up some oil on cold tyres and the ass slipped out waay past comfort zone and when i went to right it, i got a bad case of tank slapper and in my youthful inexperience tried to muscle the bike back under control instead of easing the grip to let the machine right itself and found myself sliding along the ground with my leg caught under 200 kilo's of metal....

    All good now but scared the wits out of me and cost me a pretty penny to repair :roll:
  9. Early in the morning..had you ridden far? Probably cold tyres.

    Leave the boots out there and let them tell you when you are over too far. It is your cornering safety margin.
  10. You're lucky this is a motorcycle forum, not a skydiving forum… every time you have a "first", you owe a slab of beer :LOL:
  11. I guess you'd be let of the hook for your first 'reserve not opening' though lol
  12. :LOL: :LOL:

    Nah, we never let anybody off the hook. You just owe once we catch up with ya later!
  13. hey dane75, thanks for the post - it reminded me of the first time I did both of those (scrape and slide out rear)

    Got that overwhelming split second whack of thunder on my chest as I felt like, on both occasions no more well equiped to deal with than on the day I got my learners - but, it worked out and I learnt from it.

    I just wish i didnt drop the throttle completly on the odd occasion I do step the rear end out on a white line or bit of wet road - im always worried that I will high side, but cant seem to stop the SR.

    anyway, good experiences for all of us hey..Greg