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Two days on two Hondas

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by hornet, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. RC and myself are off this morning (I'm awake already and we're not leaving till 7:00 am :oops: ) for a two-day jaunt.

    Up the coast of NSW, using as little freeway as possible, to Port Macquarie, then inland to Walcha today.

    Tomorrow, down Thunderbolt's Way to Cloucester, then across to Gresford, Branxton, Singleton, then down the Putty to home.

    I'm definitely going to need new tyres by the time I get back.

    Photos and report following, but two days of NO NETRIDER ACCESS :shock: :shock:

    {Don't bother to post responses to THIS, I won't get to read them...... :LOL:}

  2. Dorothea McKellar never rode a motorcycle!

    "I love a sunburnt country........"


    Yesterday RC and myself set out at 7:00 am aiming for Walcha by as many backroads as possible.

    So we did the old Coast Road over the new Sea Cliff bridge, then the Royal National Park and ground our way through Sydney to the old Pacific Highway.

    A coffee stop at the Road Warriors and a chat with a few of its denizens and then to Newcastle by the remains of the old Highway.

    Lunch at the Scottish Restaurant in Hexham and northwards. Then it started to go pear-shaped. Ambient temperature suddenly escalated, along with a brutal, hot northerly wind. By Raymond Terrace it was getting trying, by the Nelson's Bay turnoff, which was blocked by a motorcycle/truck accident, it had ceased to be interesting, and by the turn-off to Gloucester it had long since ceased to be fun. We agreed, turned off and headed west for (eventually) Cessnock. The temperature was so high that the tar was melting and the wind, instead of being ahead of us was to our right, and unavoidable.

    The most unpleasant day's riding I can remember.

    So we repaired to a friendly motel, showered and changed and headed into Cessnock for dinner. (SHOCK :shock: I rode in a T-Shirt too, very dangerous, at one stage I saw 40 kph on the speedo!!)

    Fabulous dinner at the Cessnock Ex-Serviceman's Club ($17.50 for all you can eat, memories of Homer!) and to bed.

    Overcast this morning, that's OK. Halfway between Cessnock and Bulga it starts to spit rain; that's NOT OK.

    Halfway down the fabulous 10 Mile, it starts to rain heavily, and the BT-014 front is marginal in the dry, so I moderate my enthusiasm and we stop and hit the wet-weather gear and hope.

    I'm wearing my new RJays JetStream so I zipped in the wet-weather lining and pressed on.

    It poured all the way to Windsor, competely ruining a rare opportunity on the Putty. The JetStream is quickly soaked but I feel dry so I'm tickled when I take it off at Maccas and find a small patch of wet on the front of my t-shirt and no others. For a jacket that's not sold as a wet-weather jacket, I am very impressed.

    By Oran Park the road, AND THE JACKET, are completely dry and we get home safely and uneventfully.

    Two completely contrasting days of riding.

    The Hornet needs a new front tyre, and the chain is now for the high-jump as well. Apart from that, as the latest edition of Performance Bike says, it's three bikes in one, and does everything well.....
  3. theres nothing more frustrating than riding along getting hotter from the breeze , I just got back from a trip to newcastle, xmas eve was a killer lifting the visor at 60 km/h to get some air flow was like opening an oven door ....new years day was at around 45 degrees (thank god i was too hung over to ride anywhere)rode back yesterday and the mongrel of a westerly blew all day , the rivet summer jacket i bought a few weeks ago even with the adequate air flow created a pea soup effect by the time i got it off i was soaked .... and im not even gonna mention what kinda pea soup effect i had going on in my groin area :LOL: , a group of us from coffs harbour are planning a ride up to byron bay for the aussie day weekend , if there are any of you out there willing to come along let me know , all the more the merrier .... and the cops we have found tend to leave groups alone with their radar guns
  4. But looking back, did you enjoy the trip?

    I find that, even though they can be frustrating in places, overall they leave me with good memories.

    Cheers ratty

  5. Yaeh, Paul it was good, riding through the Cessnock winefields on Wednesday morning was great, and the smell of rain of hot dry ground I have always loved (miss all that in a car!)

    And this morning I got a new front tyre, and getting a new chain and sprockets so we can do it again next week, only this time we'll check the weather forecasts!
  6. I agree, I remember one ride only a couple of months after I got my bike, melb to pt campbell and back in a day. This ride taught me about just how cold you can get on a bike once the sun goes down, having a sore butt, that bike headlights don't point where you need them and that wallabies are invisible and can teleport to anywhere on the road, but not off it again.

    But now I remember it fondly as a bit of an adventure :)