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Two (count them, TWO) NSW birthdays today!!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hornet, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. Happy 38th birthday to rourkster, in Newcastle, and Jeffatav, who turns the big five-o, in Sydney.

    Have a great day both of you; that's an order :LOL:.

  2. heh, a five-o with a birthday, and a north shore boy turining five-o.
    happy birthday guys!
  3. Happy Birthday guys
  4. Have a good one guys. :)
  5. 50, hey!!???

    Damn shame you kept that one a secret at Tintaldra......Just imagine what could of been... (get the mind out of gutter)

    Have a great birthday Jeff. :cool:
  6. Happy Birthday guys

    Have great days :cool:
  7. Happy Birthday Guys !!
    :birthday: :beer:
  8. Hippy Barfday Jeffy! Hic
  9. Happy birthdays!
    Phew! Just done in time :grin:
  10. Happy birthday to both......Thats it Jeff no more birthday greetings you've had enough :LOL:
  11. Happy Birthday Jeffy. Hope you had a relaxing day now that you have turned the BIG 50 !!