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TWO (count them!!), two birthdays today

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hornet, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. Happy Thursday birthdays to robsalvv in Melbourne and oldbellhelmet in Sydney. Have a great day both of you, and enjoy the multitudinous accolades that will surely come your way :LOL:.

  2. Happy Birthday Rob!!! Hope you have a great day mate :grin:

    ...and you too OBH :)
  3. Many happy returns to you both :)
  4. To you both, felicitations on the anniversary of your birth :birthday:
  5. Avagoodun Wallace, and you too BellHelmetdude.
  6. Have a great day guys.

  7. :birthday: Rob. Potatoe birthday cakes all round :LOL:
  8. Have a good Day, both of yez.
  9. Happy birthday fella's

    cheers stewy
  10. Happiest of b'days, fellas :grin:
  11. Happy birthday to you both.

    Especially to Loz's pillion biatch, the keeper of the Wessider kitty.
  12. Happy birthday wishes to you both, - hope your day is a real hoot!
    Special wishes to you Rob- Happy Day!
  13. Happy birthday peoples!
  14. Happy Birthday ya bunch of reprobates.
  15. ...I should be in bed... lol... I'm extending my birthday by staying up. LOL

    Thanks for the greetings and wishes folks, it's sincerely appreciated. :)