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Two brothers restore their father's motorbike and surprise him

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by toadcat, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. That is totally awesome ! Such a fantastic surprise present. These brothers need to be congratulated in a BIG way.
  2. Just watching it now and that is a great effort. Funny blokes too.
  3. i cant even open it
  4. darnt work for me either
  5. #6 goz, Oct 14, 2010
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  6. "Two brothers pay someone to restore their fathers bike"
  7. Or

    "Two brothers get their father's motorbike restored"

    so is this an advert for something, cus i got a funky cynical feeling after the warm and fuzzy feeling wore off?

    love to get my dad's vespa restored, though.
  8. it does sound like its an advert, also sounds like the dad didnt care much about the bike not even realising its been missing for 3 months. He probably would have appreciated it more if those two sons bought him a newer bike..................but wheres the ad $$$$$$ in that right?
  9. that was awesome!
  10. Yeah it's not as cool as if they spannered it all themselves but I still think it's a pretty nice Christmas present for their dad. He seemed pretty touched by it - at the end he even started crying
  11. Must.


  12. God Americans love to make a show and dance of themselves!
  13. i came to my computer this morning straight after waking up in my undies and bra. i then watched that STUPID video and it made me cry like a baby, whilst sitting here like a total dick in my undies and bra. i'm going back to bed.

    stupid feel good videos
  14. They're all going to be president one day.
  15. ..Oh sh!t!!, I started crying!!... I mean, I have something in my eye!!... *cough, cough!*...
  16. Awww... that was nice.

    Would be nice if they did it themselves but if you haven't got the skills yourself it's still the thought that counts. Quite sure it wouldn't have been cheap.

  17. OK I've missed something. I found I couldn't watch it because it was so boring.

    You two must have synchronised.
  18. .. we are sensitive, sweet, young ladies!!...

    ...*still coughing*.....
  19. LOL no PMS on my end at present :)