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webBikeWorld Two Brothers Exhaust on a BMW F800 S Review

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by NetriderBot, Jan 24, 2015.

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    I'll confess: like many other motorcyclists, I like the sound of a hearty exhaust note.

    But also like many others, I don't want to overdo it.

    I was warned that the Two Brothers M-2 carbon fiber can would be too loud but it's actually not, at least on this bike.

    For example, it doesn't seem as loud as the FMF muffler on the Suzuki DR650 (Blog) I owned...although I guess that's not saying much.

    So here's a quick look at the easy installation and a sound recording and video of the results.

    The stock BMW muffler weighs 6.2 kg (13.6 lbs.) and at around 4,000 RPM it pushes the sound meter to 76.6 dB at idle and 86.6 dB at a distance of 6 feet.

    The Two Bros carbon fiber exhaust weighs just 1276 grams (2 lbs., 13 oz., albeit without the adapter) and runs 88.7 dB at idle and 98.6 dB at 4,000 RPM.

    That's a massive 4.9 kg difference; around 10 lbs., counting the pipe adapter.

    Two Brothers also sells a P1 and P1-X "Power Tip" insert, said to reduce dB by 3-4 or 7-8, respectively. I ordered a P1 to see if it makes a difference and I'll report back on that also.

    Installing the exhaust on the F800S was pretty easy. Color instructions are included in the kit and the only thing I changed was mounting the Two Brothers V.A.L.E. (Variable Axis Locking Exhaust) adapter. The instructions say to mount it first on the exhaust, then fit the adapter over the short exhaust pipe adapter.

    That didn't work, so I mounted the V.A.L.E. after getting everything else lined up. Installation is simple: remove the stock canister, loosen the connector under the bike and replace with the Two Brothers exhaust on the new exhaust hangar supplied in the kit.

    The Two Brothers M-2 carbon fiber exhaust looks good and sounds good. It appears that the only type of M-2 canister still available for the early F800-series is the 005-2530407V carbon fiber version I installed, which lists for $549.95. I found this one at "Fly-n-Cycle" on eBay for $395.96. They're getting hard to find for the early F-series and I'm not sure if the fitment is the same for the new F800GT and F800R.

    Power differences? Who knows. The dyno chart that came with the exhaust shows very little difference over stock and I say there's no one who can really tell if the Two Brothers exhaust makes a difference. It's all about the sound...

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