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Two Bros or not Two Bros

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Takamii, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. Found a place in the states that will deliver a set of two bros carbon fibre slip ons to me in Australia for $US 760 or $AUD 715


    my question is --- is this good value or is there a local Aus dealer that can do a similar price ?
  2. well after scrolling down and seeing the same colour scheme ones you wanted for the same price....my bad...even ebay and countless other site's i've trolled...are all about the same...some might be cheaper but they'll F*** you on shipping costs.
  3. okay they are USA based as well

    used their price match to see what they come up with
  4. Are you on the Bike Gear Warehouse (Mladin's thing) email list? They have a lot of specials.
  5. Yeah, depending on the shipping costs, those prices are pretty good for those Two Bros pipes. I don't think Bike Gear Warehouse have Two Bros, but at the moment they have a heap of Yoshi, Jardine and MGP's going pretty cheap too.
  6. nice thread..thanks!!!!!!!1
  7. I'm looking at the exact same pipe - thank for the tip (y)

    Are you going for a juicebox or powercommander V also?
  8. They are the same can I have on the Z, they look nice..
    Jardine have a very nice deep note on those R1's to Marinko...
    Bounce the question off Bret at Moto Garage, He may have access to deals and passes the savings onto his customers. Unlike the big dealership around the corner..
  9. If anyone has the silencer inserts for these 2bros pipes I'd love to borrow them..!
  10. Cheers Whitie
  11. i got my yoshi slipon for like $305 shipped from BGW during their end of financial year sale (the exhaust is now selling for $469 for my bike). It was much cheaper than buying from USA. I also won a free Hot bodies double bubble screen in one of their facebook comps. Certainly worth joining up to their group + email list
  12. Awesome! Do they come with the link pipe to ditch the cats?
  13. Two weeks ago I bought a TB exhaust + the P1X power tip, they sent me the P1 instead of P1X.
    The correct one has been shipped and I'm supposed to keep the P1 for them for a month or so after that it's mine, it can be yours if they don't claim it back till then.
  14. I used More power for my Leo system. The price was about the best I found in total. Parts and shipping.
    I had to send a couple of emails to get them shipped out though. I paid for the rush tush job and it took over a week to leave them. Almost a month before I had them on.
  15. no - the damage was only cosmetic thanks to all the sliders on the bike ( frame, clutch and swing arm and fork)
  16. Thanks mate, I ended up with the stockies on for the roadie.
  17. if whitie doesnt want them I will take them ( if they fit my 2bros m2 carbons )