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Two bikes in one

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by jawntybull, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. I know this is probably no surprise to experienced riders, but as a relative newbie...

    I discovered today that my GS500 is actually TWO bikes. There's the one I've been riding for the last month - nice and easy to ride, cruisy with lots of torque up to around 7k rpm... a good blend for commuting and short day rides, etc etc

    Today I uncovered my second bike - keep the revs over 7k, keep the speed up in sweeping bends, throw it around a bit - and it feels like a different machine - V.F. FAST (for me!). I'd like to write more but G2G so I can go riding again this afternoon :)

  2. I'm glad you're enjoying your GS; they're a top bike.

    What amuses me, as an old bastard, is that we now think of the GS500 as a small bike, a commuter or a learner's bike. Back in 1975, Triumph were still rolling out 750 Bonnevilles. Though they were outpaced by Japanese 750s, they were still considered a big bike back in the day. Weighed about 180kg. Power? About 50bhp or 35kw, with a top speed of 110-115mph or 180 kmh.

    So, what does a 174kg GS500 put out? Around 50bhp and has a top speed of 110-115mph or 180kmh.

    Plus it has a six-speed gearbox, great electrics, much better brakes and an electric starter. This is not to knock Triumphs, but to show that we have raised our expectations rather high when a Bonnie-beater is considered just a commuter bike. Seems to me it's all in how its ridden, and you've now discovered the last third of the tacho. Have fun, stay safe.
  3. Yep - and driving to pick up my daughter last night I noted that my (reasonably sporty) Honda car redlines at 7k; its fun up to that point thanks to VTEC, but then again, that's just when the GS is getting frisky!