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Two bikes and a month to waste... almost time!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by BoostJunky, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. Well the old man gets here next week and picks up his hire bike on Thursday. Weve got about a month for this trip and Ive had ages to plan but only really started tonight. Oops.

    As much as Id love to attempt a round Oz trip or something of the sort, neither of us has done any long rides. This is as much about sight seeing and just enjoying the time as it is about riding. With that in mind, my plan so far is fairly easy going for the most part.

    GOR will be done over two days beforehand as well as a jaunt to PI for the supercar race so that already takes up a few days.

    Beyond that...rough itin with approx distances:

    Day 1 – Melbourne to Mt. Beauty (470km)
    Day 2 – Mt. Beauty to Canberra (445km)
    Day 3 – Canberra to Sydney (430km)
    Day 4 – Sydney to Nelson Bay (310km)
    Day 5 – Nelson Bay to Forster (286km)
    Day 6 – Forster to Port Macquarie (399km)
    Day 7 – Port Macquarie to Urunga (406km)
    Day 8 – Urunga to Byron Bay (343km)
    Day 9 – Byron Bay to Brisbane/Surfers? (281km)
    Day 10 – Brisbane to Noosa (144km)
    Day 11 - Noosa to Hervey Bay (187km)
    Day 12 – Fraser Island (overnight on FI)
    Day 13 – Fraser Island/Hervey Bay (overnight at Hervey Bay)
    Day 14 on - ?????

    Thats as far as I have planned. After the return trip (route suggestions?) I figure I have another 5-6 days to spare. Id like to keep at least 2 open should something come up. Anything I might want to slot in around the way? Comments? Suggestions?

    If it makes any difference, we will be camping whenever possible with the odd night in a cheap motel or something along those lines.