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two 1st's today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by waedwe, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. Riding back from a trip today i saw the normal cows in there paddocks mooing and chilling out, then notice 1 calf somehow out of the paddock and standing by the road , i slow down beep my horn, and it starts to move, doing my best city slickers impersonation i follow it along beeping enough to keep it moving, then ride up alongside it when we near a driveway making it turn right into a farmers property road, a few more beeps and it runs off up towards a farm house, i herded cattle on a zzr1200 :woot: .
    Then upon arriving home full of beans my youngest runs out to open the gate as he often helpfully does, i'm about to ride down the driveway to the garage when instead i say, grab your mums helmet boots jacket and gloves, it's about time you went for a ride, So he got his 1st ever ride on a bike, and my 1st ever experience taking a pillion, was just a short ride around backroads, but he was beaming after and i think a new rider has been begun, and think i am gonna be taking him along on rides a lot more now once i get him his own gear.
    In short a awesome day :grin:

  2. start hiding your bike key before he takes his first joyride :)
  3. Well Done on both counts !!

    :LOL: @loki
  4. How old is your son? I am looking forward to being able to take my boy out for a ride
  5. lucky the calf didn't try and take a ride with you :LOL:
  6. My son is 11 and the youngest and still grinning when he left for school today, don't worry loki he could't get my bike of the centrestand without it crushing him, may need to hide the wifes bike keys but :LOL: ,
    :LOL: don't worry paul was fairy safe, it was on the stretch of range road that is more like a country lane, and the calf was small, but i'm sure by the tenth or so time of telling at work, i will have crossed a raging river driving hundreds of head of cattle :LOL:
    Just didn't want to leave it out to be cleaned up by a 4x4 or worse another bike
  7. Give him a lift to school on the bike occasionally, reduces bullying, gives bragging rights at that age.
  8. Oh man i'll never forget the day my mum's boyfriend picked me up from school on a harley in year 6!!!

    That only made me start riding a motorbike to school in year 12.

    Moral of the story - motorcyclists start young :D
  9. Until he has his own gear and isn't wearing his mums pink jacket and helmet, it could possibly increase bullying dropping him off in front of everyone :LOL:
  10. Hearding cattle with the ZZR !! . . impressive !

    Now you gotta teach the kelpie to jump on the tank with a single whistle command !
  11. It's a good feeling isn't it? Can't wait till my grandkids are old enough to take on a ride. :grin:
  12. Good work on both counts Wayne :)
  13. very true. the ladies will love him too
  14. Herded a cow on a road bike? Unorthodox, but apparently effective. Cool!
  15. Was all onroad work but, i wasn't going anywhere near offroad on that bike
  16. would be funny if you herded it to the wrong farm!