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Twisty run for those far from north :)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by dima, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    I'm going to go through some of the finest, well known Victorian roads and inviting you to join me.

    Where: Warburton Shell Servo.

    When: 19/10/2014 Sunday,10am for 10:30 departure.

    Route: will include Reefton and Eldon-Jamison Rd.

    Finishing: will be decided later, but probably around Healsville. Before dark.

    Is this ride for me?

    Suggesting rider lever 3+.
    But if you are a confident level 2 rider then you are more than welcome to take a next step and come over.

    I am expecting common sense behaviour, mutual respect to each other and other road users, no revbombing, wheelies or other stunts.

    This ride will follow general group riding rules and will accommodate for newer but competent riders.

    You'll need to be able to make at least 180km on a fuel tank (just in case).
    There is NO 98 at the meet point (91 and 95 only). So fill up on the way at BP and just top up at the meet point.

    Special notes:

    Tho route will involve some very technical roads and we will have no mobile phone reception in some places.

    What that means is that any accident can become a big issue if anyone will be involved. So expecting some smart riding. And of course I'm not responsible for any of you.

    Also due to the distance there will be few and short stops, primarily for fuel.

    That requires some BIKE fitness. So if you start feeling tired keep that in mind as the technicality of the roads and fatigue are deadly combination.

    1. Don't crash.
    2. Ride smart.
    3. Enjoy the day.

    P.S.: Due to the very late notice this ride will not commence in the morning if there won't be enough interest. So post of you're coming and check before leaving.
  2. Sounds like an awesome ride! Hope you get some interest to join you.
  3. Okay. This ride will not commence due to lack of interest.
    I suggest joining Sunday learner ride led by GreyBM today if you see this thread late.
  4. Hi Dima, really sorry I didn't get back to you until now. I had a pretty big day at the GP and didn't get home until midnight.

    I was literally replying to this topic last night in bed on my tablet and I must have fell asleep halfway through, and have only just woken up now.

    Next weekend I will be in Yarrawonga, however I don't think I have anything on the weekend after so I am keen to do this run then. A few of us Sunday riders are actually keen on going to Mt Buller, perhaps we can extend the ride to Buller if interest follows???

    Again, sorry for not getting back to you sooner.
  5. Nice to meet you today Dima. Hope you and AdamHui got back without a ticket. PS. Sunday week is Melb Cup weekend!
  6. No prob Adam. Next time maybe but Mt Buller would be a bit of a stretch to do in one day.
    Was to good to see you today on reefton :)

    Gooza, likewise. We went home via reefton, thrice :)

    I have plans for Melb Cup so won't retry this ride very soon :)
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  7. So I decided to head to Jamieson from Mansfield (rode down from Wangaratta) on Sunday.

    Checked the map and there was a road all the way from Jamieson to Reefton Spur. Decided on that route.
    Got to Jamieson, and rode on through. Rode for about 8-10k which were excellent roads. Came around a corner and DIRT ROAD DEAD AHEAD!
    Was on the brakes hard. Still ran out of road and ended up on the dirt still doing about 50kmph.
    Slowed down slowly. Took my gloves and helmet off and was wondering how long it is dirt for.

    Then a guy at the house right near me yelled out it is dirt all the way to Woods Point.

    Had to turn back, all the way back to Jamieson and head towards Eildon.

    Was hoping the roads were sealed all the way to Reefton :(
    Hopefully one day they will... excellent roads
  8. Haha. You discovered it the hard way mate. Glad you managed it OK in the dirt.

    If that road will ever be sealed it will be a paradise.

    Until then it's a long run to Jamo.
  9. Boy that Jamieson-Eildon Rd takes it out of you. I was riding it with effort and could only get 3/4's through it before I had to stop as my mind couldn't focus anymore.

    Definitely the longest stretch of continuous twisty's I've ever come across.

    Oh and I made it to Buxton with 11km's left in the tank.......
    What's that? 600ml of fuel? Cut that a bit close!!! lol
  10. Thanks God you did not attempt a Mt Buller run in one day :)
  11. Any interest in this ride for the coming weekend?