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Twisty road I have not seen mentioned

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Lurk, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. I went for a ride yesterday with a friend and we decided to check out the black spur and see how the road works went.

    As you may have guessed, Sunday afternoon and traffic was bad
    but after alexandria we turned right and then headed upto Lake Mountain.

    The access road is lots of fun and NO TRAFFIC (not on our run anyway)

    Various type of corners varying from sweepers to signposted 30k hair (almost) pins and this for about 10 - 15 klms. Nice cambered corners (I cant remember any off camber ones). Only one corner gave us any worry and that was because 85kph into a corner with gravel is no fun at all. And the road from Alexandria to the Lake Mountain access road is fun too..

    Had an absolute ball.......
  2. Yep it’s a nice lil road that, can get lots of bark & stuff on it & those first few corners (after the gatehouse) have alittle gravel/sand in the apexes.
    Good place to “open up & say “ahhh”…..

    Not sure if this other road has been mentioned here:
    Road from Glenmaggie to Licola. No painted line down the middle & gets some log trucks during the week but it did put a smile on last time I was there.
  3. yeah the gravel is a problem on this road
    a mate of mine dropped his ZX6r on the gravel on one of the corners on saturday arvo.... scratches only was the results..lucky
    but still a good road for scratchin'
  4. Yeah good rd and nice for a walk this time of year. the lizards come out and bake themselves on the rocks on the ski run at the very top of the mountain. Usually no one up there and the silence is deafening. I usually go late afternoon.
  5. Lake Mountain is a wonderful road, very serene, and would have been magnificent with yesterday’s weather.

    I read in another forum that a rider dropped his bike on that road over the weekend,
    on what sounds like the same patch of gravel.

    I hope you guys can forgive me for putting on my 'Responsible Hat' and suggesting that
    for roads that are unfamiliar or less frequented
    you could try doing a slow run first, or at least in one direction,
    then you can open it up on the way back.

    This is also a great way of reducing the likelihood of attracting a speeding fine.
  6. Which forum was that and I wonder if it was the ZX6r mentioned above.

    It was no real problem we were looking through the corner so we saw the gravel early, Stood the bikes up and washed off the speed then back into the corner like you should.

    The reason it wasnt any fun was because we wuz enjoying the ride and it slowed us down a little. As you are aware if one corner has gravel then maybe there are others that do too....

    Still took it easy on the way back
    Fast enought to enjoy but slow enough to allow for the problem that always seems to occur when you dont allow for it.....

    There was a few on the road leaving no margin for error.
    High speed, cranked over, wheels as close as possible to the centre line (or over it in 2 cases) in a tight corners and no where to go if something goes wrong....