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N/A | National Twisty Bits, March 28

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by oz_johnno, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Whether you ascribe to Boris's Philosophy or not, he does make a few good points.....



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  2. Great piece.
  3. I like this fellow.
  4. One of Boris' better pieces
  5. He writes for AMCN if you didnt know.

  6. The article does present some straight facts, but blaming the police doesn't really do a whole lot of good. This is really the typical blame the guy at the end of a messed up system. There is a whole lot of things wrong with the law, the society and culture....alot of things needs fixing.
  7. Surely it is easier to bring about small changes than overhauling the whole system.

    If 6 police officers cannot subdue a single young man, who may not even be the suspect, and then he dies, that is a serious problem. You can probably point to a number of societal and cultural factors, but ultimately it came down to how police responded to and handled the situation. You cannot bring about sweeping changes to the messed up system you are referring to, however maybe you can bring about some sort of change in the way the guy at the end of it operates, in order to avoid these incidents.

  8. That is a good start,
    Little by little you can change the laws and their attitude to the general population,
  9. Ye system overhaul wont happen, i dont have a solution either. It just seems that all the fingerpointing are towards the wrong direction.

    In the case of the brazillian dude, some of the cops are definately in the wrong and deserve to be punished. But this is probably just a one off sort of thing and dont really agree with the articles point of view towards police in general. And to be honest, the outcome was never going to be good if you run from the police in the first place.
  10. the problem is deadwing, that we are hearing of more and more of these incidences. When half a dozen police cannot deal with 1 person who was not wielding any sort of weapon without killing the guy with a tazer, then there is definitely something wrong.

    The officers concerned will be alright though, the guy who repeatedly tazed the guy and the police 'princess' who repeatedly stoved the boot into him while he lay moaning 'help me' after he was on the ground posing no credible threat to anyone, will be the subject of an 'internal investigation' and found to have acted properly even though it appears that the only thing the dead guy was guilty of was being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Even if by some miracle the officers are charged with something, they will be inevitably found not guilty, a-la the officer charged with Luke Wilson's death.

    its (F)ucking wrong people, just Wrong and we all need to let the government and the police know that this sort of behavior is not acceptable.

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  11. ^^^^ what he said
  12. (I am not picking on you...)

    Attention Moderate Apologists!

    The Mighty Bonk has thought long and hard on the subject of the correct apportionment of blame, and the allowances a reasonable individual should make for the underlings in any organisation of dubious repute: and settled upon the following wisdom...


    There are endless parades of apologists and weak defenders of the working class-crew of any department (ie. police, local politics, state politics, any bureaucratic department) and not one of them has ever provided a contact or postal address for where ACTUAL criticism should be aimed for the purpose of change.

    So screw that.

    Whomever so represents such an organisation (beset by negative feedback and penchant for avoidance and blame dodging) DIRECTLY to you, should cop it, and cop it hard.

    That person can do 1 or more of 3 things:

    - Quit.
    - Deal with it personally.
    - Pass it up the chain, where the criticism deserves to go, and with more weight than you can muster.

    Any of these outcomes is better than your letter to so-and-so saying

    "Dear Important Person,

    I am unhappy about something. Please reply within 5-7 working days, telling me I have nothing to worry about and everything is ok.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Some Sucker"

    /for demokraseeeeee!
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