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twisties ride, eastern melbourne - tues 13th Nov

Discussion in 'VIC' started by nibor, Nov 12, 2007.

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  1. ok this is a kinda repost, coz my OP and who thread is gone :? no idea why. if it was a Mod, please PM me as to why, coz i dunno wot i did wrong so ill probly do it again :? or move the thread, not delete. i couldnt see it in the events folder, so im assuming its deleted/lost.

    annyway, ride tomorrow, meet 10am in warrandyte for 10:15 departure, full tanks please. takes in kinglake, black spur, reefton, possibly mt donna buang, then finishing (for me) at tuesday coffee night. not really a beginner friendly ride due to length and intensity.

    others welcome to meet me where it suits if u cant make the start, or leave early if other commitments like some.

    there have been a few maybes so far, and a few "I can join you for the morning but not the arvo" and vice versa. please txt me during the day if u plan on meeting up later, and preferably in the morning if your gonna make it to the start point, so i know who to wait for. zerothreefourninesixfivefourthreethreeeight.

    route is here
  2. I think I can make it... I'll see you in the morning....
  3. mate where is the meeting point??
    where in warrendyte??

    if you havnt post when im about to leave ill call ya to get it :grin:
  4. Troy, what time are you intending on leaving?
  5. Oooh just saw this, and I have the day free...not far from warrandyte so I better suit up...:grin:
  6. I had a good ride... All 5 of us seemed to enjoy it.. Thanks for the ride :)
  7. Thanks nibor for organising this - just got home, had an awesome ride today - and to the others that left the ride at the Black Spur Roadhouse - you missed out big time!!! :cool:
  8. :grin: was a good day had by all i think. even Sweeris's bike enjoyed it. so much in fact, it started falling apart :LOL: hope you can sort all that out mate!

    apologies for the confusion in the morning, with the meeting point a little vague. but if me n Nee could do it, you guys can too :p

    cheers to Troy and Co for joining in the morning, as to sweeris. sure beats study or working :grin: and Bluesuede, thanks for staying the whole day :) was good to have another bike with me the whole trip, and what a trip it was.

    after the warrandyte, kinglake, healesville run, we headed off to conquer reefton, down to warburton, and up to mt donna buang. back down and through to yarra junction, then a little 'side street' adventure up don rd, to healesville. with yet more time to kill on a perfect albeit bug infested day, we hit the spur once more, then onto reefton and up lake moutain. with nowhere else to go, back down was chosen, and back through the black spur to healesville for a final rest at the bakery (which was shut :(). from there, Blue peeled off his way home, and i rocked up to tuesday night coffee a little after 7pm.

    around 430km for the day, from 10am-7pm, and i reckon only 30km was straight lines. good food, with good company, and great weather to match. i couldnt have asked for a more perfect day, cheers guys :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.