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Twisties + Lams = ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by omie, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. Hi all, so I finally ordered my gear last weekend and can finally get a bike!
    I've been lurking and reading all the other threads but find that most of them orient towards commuters.

    I'm based in Brisbane, will only really ride on the weekend and thus would like a fun bike for the twisties etc.
    180cm ~85kgs

    If I could justify the cost of the mt07 then this would be an easy decision, however I cannot :(
    I'm looking to spend about 5k but can probably go up to 7 as an absolute maximum if need be, and I definitely prefer the look and riding position of naked bikes.

    So far, my top contender would have to be the er6nl. Looking around I can probably get a 2012-13 with less than 10000km on the clock for about 6-7k.
    Second in comes the CB400, purely on popularity and its reputation.
    After that everything is a bit of a jumbled blur, except that I'm not really a fan on the duke390 or mt03.

    Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated :D
  2. Ninja 300 if you're a twisty warrior, or a cbr300r if you wanna do a little bit of everything
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  3. I'd go for the CB400.
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  4. If you can ride a few different bikes (that you can afford) and buy the one you like the most.

    A few other suggestions at the cheaper end of the scale would be GS500 or ER5. You could even think about getting an older dirt bike (400 to 650) and putting 17" rims on it.
  5. Duke RC390. I know you're more into the naked style bike, however the riding you want to do doesn't exactly align with that style of bike.

    Z300 is another naked bike that'd be good.
  6. You'd never be unhappy with the CB400, a beaut engine and fun to ride. As Mick said, go ride a few.
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  7. I take my cb400 to the twisties and really enjoy it, with the wide rear and the good suspension, it feels very confident mid-corner and also has plenty of power.
    As a learner, pretty much any bike you buy will be more capable in the twisties than you are so just buy what you like the look and feel of, but the 400 gets my vote.
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  8. I've always wanted a mini supersports like the cbr250rr or older Ex250 (I believe?), something tiny with high red line to trash around would be fun I imagine..
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  9. CB400 gets my vote, but I'm biased. I'm on my fulls, but still have yet to decide on whether to upgrade. Unless you wanna go 200+ Kph, you don't 'need' more bike. Even take mine to the hills with my 15yo on the back. although with 155kilos laden on her, tends to bottom out on occasions around the tighter corners ;)
  10. I've only ever seen Chicken and plain 'ol Cheese Twisities. But Lam(b) sure sounds interesting..... ;-)

    Welcome omieomie. Have fun test riding a few bikes until you find one that fulfills your brief.
  11. rs125, nsr 150. rvf400. sv650 with a swapped ecu. There are no other options.
  12. I just bought an Er6n Lams and it is an amazing bike. I picked up a non abs with 8000km on the clock for less than $5k.

    It is a phenomenal bike easily the smoothest and fastest bike I have ever ridden.

    Also if the throttle restricter screw happens to fall out the bike is very quick until you get around to replacing it.

    Tbh I was looking for any decent 600cc I.e not a Hyosung :p learner legal bike. One came up for a good price and I couldn't help but buy it.

    If you find a decent sv650 I'd recommend those too.

    Disclaimer: If money was no object if have the MT07 too.
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  13. xr600 with 650 big bore, ignore all non dirtbike options
  14. Husaberg FS650

    Maybe the KTM 690SM if you are just back from the casino
  15. Second hand CB500F or CB500X is also worth a look. Should be in your budget.
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    The ER6 motor is pretty resilient and can make very usable power with minimal effort.

    The CB400 was one of 'the most powerful modern LAMS bikes' - and it's a Honda.

    The SV650 has good bones and is simple.

    Any of the above would fit your budget and requirements.
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  17. Ive just bought my first bike a few months back and its a CB400 and I love it, however when I found myself on an unfamiliar road on the top of mount tassie and it turned to mud yeterday I was wishing I had made the choice of an adventure tourer.
    At the end of 10ks in the mud I did see two full sports CBRs or similar coming the other way about to attempt the same.
  18. IMHO:

    Before the Adv Bike category was born, many riders did just that on road bikes. Ted Simon toured the world on a Triumph Tiger 100 and lived to tell the tale.

    Don't let road tyres stop you exploring our beaut country. Perhaps avoid the really loose stuff, though.
    My rule is; if I can't walk through it without slipping, I'll give it a miss on the GS.
  19. Ninja 300. But I am also biased :)
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  20. Turbo hayabusa
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