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twisted or not ?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by McLvn, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. So I park the bike parallel to the back of my sisters 4WD in the driveway. I'm busy taking down a tree and she decides to move the car so I could get the clippings out for council pick up.

    I have never had the bike fall over without me being there to hold her up or gently lower her. Boom then grind. Never want to hear that again.

    Scrape marks on the concrete from muffler, back brake peg and bar end go for 15 -20 cm.

    I take her out to make sure she's OK, I "think" she's twisted slightly, it just feels different. Apart from the handling is there any way to know for certain extent of damage.
  2. Hey mate, no good to hear about the drop. I was run into a few weeks ago, someone did a visual check on it and they said frame was fine. Did a structual check and the frame was dented. Most is not physical, if it feels different go and get it checked out by a bodyworks who does structual checks :)
  3. not sure if theres anyone in sydney with one of these....but its really the only accurate way to check the geometry http://www.scheibner.de/
  4. What's the bike?

    How was it under the car?

    You may be lucky in that it's just the 'bars or the forks sitting funny in the triple clamps.
  5. Could try trading your sister for a checkup at a mechanics, or for a new sister

    I'd personally make a claim through her insurance (hopefully she has it), they will check it up properly if you get into into a good mechanic (I would think) and that way she only has to pay the excess which is most likely alot less than the cost of the actual damage.