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Twist of the Wrist II... and mechanic help

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by agelow, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. Hey guys

    after a book which was recommended to me.

    before I go buy it for 30 bucks, was wondering if anyone on forum has it lying around and unused?

    also on the side.. I am a noob, but I need my bike serviced. brake pads, head stem bearings, my bike idles at 3000 rpm...

    anyone know any decent mechanics near vermont south? I need it to be closests cos im a bit scared to ride far away. Or can anyone ride it for me and back for a 6 pack!? :):)


  2. I have the DVD and book on file where are you located?....
  3. You can prize my copy from my dead fingers. I've read it 10 times and still pick up new stuff each time... get yourself a copy.
  4. You should go buy a copy. It is worth your while. You want #1 first. The later copies enlarge and expand on concepts introduced in the first, and (just my opinion) the first is the most accessible and useful - especially to a newer rider.

    It is a set of instructions on how to ride a motorbike, at quite a high or advanced level. It contains no information about mechanics, maintenance, setting up... All it talks about is how to ride well. It is quite possibly the best, most widely read and most influential publication on this subject ever.
  5. Knee dragon, you would be on your own with that assessment. TOTW1 is hard work and most people don't bother.... not until later.

    TOTW2 is where it's at and is especially targeted at riding as opposed to track riding.
  6. I think the TOTW2 is a bit of a comedy I piss myself every time I watch it lol
  7. Well, I got #1 in '83, and had a silly moment and lent it out - bye bye. I didn't know there was a #2 or later until about 2004... Before I lost it, I re-read it and studied it and thought about it a lot.
  8. for mechanics try Brett at madbiker. he does pick ups if your worried. costs a bit more though. (or get the racv to take it there). mick hone in box hill is good.

    the twist of the wrist 2 dvd is good too.
  9. Watched totw2 today... solved a problem I didn't know I had and solved another I have had for months (it had been developing. before it was nothing, but has only recently become a fully fledged problem)

    #2 is where its at. I've got both the dvds. #1 is more focused on track riding. #2 is more about controlling the bike and being a good rider.