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Twist of the wrist DVD Vs. Book

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sucram, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. Has anyone got both? Which is better

    I was going to get the book but a mate of mine has trouble reading so might get the DVD if its just as good. Im not 100% sure if they can fit a whole book of into in a 107min DVD...

    Plus its 107 mins Vs. 2 days of reading... I dont mind reading but the time thing is a benifit
  2. Borrow the dvd. Then lend it to me for an hour :wink:
  5. I wouldn't take what Keith Code says as bible though.
    He rubbishes a lot of riding styles that certain racers have won championships using.
  6. Why dont I just burn illegitimate copies.

    Say, that gives me an idea... :grin:
  7. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Where does he do that OBM??

    Everything written in the books and taught in the schools is wholly justifiable and observable, grounded on solid basis, completely complies with bike design and physics and as is stated in the courses, isn't the only technique available, but it works.

    TOTW1 has some good stuff in it [$10 attention, throttle control, weight balance, wide vision, products and reference points] but is racing focussed and a hard read.

    TOTW2 is almost all good stuff, and has alot of the stuff in TOWT1 but in a more reader friendly way. It's an excellent read.

    Apparently there is a TOTW3 in the pipeline...

    My only exposure to the video is what I've seen running on the TV at track days and schools... if your friend is a nuffty in the reading department, then the DVD will be better than nothing.
  8. Forget the dvd, cos he tries to be funny yet fails spectacularly. The book is the go.
  9. Loz, Eswen, Gowron & Carver were kind enough to get me & my BF a copy of TOTW2 and it's one of the best books on riding I've ever read.
  10. I've got a "preview" edition of the DVD here if anyone wants to get a taste of exactly how shithouse it is. PM me for my address in Flemington, you can come and pick it up.

    TOTW2 is the way to go, buy the book. I've read it half a dozen times and will surely do so again.