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twist of the wrist 2 dvd

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by twistngo, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. #1 twistngo, Jan 14, 2010
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    Got this a few days ago and I've watched it once and half way through watching it again. I'll try and write a review when I've watched it a few more times but its bloody good. Covers some of TOTW 2 and is fairly entertaining. A bit silly in spots but I can put up with it.

    Should be compulsory for new riders!

    a few minutes of it are on youtube

  2. I bought a copy about 6-8 weeks ago. Learned a lot from it and have enrolled to do CSS Level 1 in mid-February. After the course I'm going to try a track day as well.

    Goal is to increase confidence in my riding ability and be a better rider.

    The DVD is a great place to start :)
  3. Hmm never new there was a DVD for it.

    Might have to look into getting it.

    I always thought there should be more of these sort of DVDs rather than the usual motorcycle rockstar type stuff
  4. How cool is the bloke with the aviator sunnies???

    Worth the asking price just for him.
  5. They should have chosen a more convincing career for that blue guy. Doctor? yeah...uh-huh... :LOL:
  6. mmmmm just found the torrent.
  7. Watched it today. Some seriously bad acting - a doctor and a software engineer... riiiiiiight. Will and his aviators were too cool for school!

    Lots of good info in it though. Should be compulsory viewing.

    I liked the yellow rig thingy they had hooked up to the green bike to stop it hitting the deck.
  8. Hey i'm a software engineer!:-k

    So where can this dvd be purchased from?
  9. Cool ... will search the torrents once I get home.
  10. I watched it the other day.

    #1, how cool is Keith Code, he might just be the coolest Keith in the world! Looked like Clint Eastwoods cooler younger brother (although less tough).

    #2, by Doctor, I think he meant dentist.

    But yeah, I gotta say some stuff didn't seem right to me! For instance old mate in his aviators, his tyres didn't look right to me. That and some of the other theory sounded just that. To me, but then I'm FAR from experienced, and even further from being a pro. I'm looking at it from a street perspective, and I dunno if it makes as much sense then. I'm interested to know what some of the more experienced guys on here reckon. I'm going to go try it all anyway.

    That, and its a 90min ad for Californian Superbike School. So I say download it, then decide if you want to pay money for it. (just my opinion tho!)
  11. Can you be more specific with this:

    But yeah, I gotta say some stuff didn't seem right to me! For instance old mate in his aviators, his tyres didn't look right to me.


    That and some of the other theory sounded just that.?

  12. too late, i found it via 'alternative sources'. I found it to be a pretty good to watch and I definitley took some things away from it. I reckon it's worth watching it again in a few months because it not everything sinks in the first time (I have read the book in the past too).

    Ok I know exactly what you guys meant when you mocked them for claiming to be a doctor and software engineer... Totally called for :p
  13. You don't know many doctors do you? He's a dead ringer for a few I know.
  14. Well, to me his tyres look like they were a little RS, especially given he was meant to of been riding at '75%'. I would have felt the wear would have been a little, I would say less obvious?

    In regards to the theory, well, ok its right :p. I was thinking about it on my ride over the weekend, and well it seems most of the stuff comes to me naturally. The one I found most odd was the ALWAYS accelerate out of the corner, as soon as you have finished turning. But I do that naturally. The only problem is I sometimes back off, thus making the bike unstable.

    I can go practise all that stuff easy though, weed most of it out. I did it with driving, so I should be able to do it with riding.
  15. Interesting DVD.
  16. It's worse than Pron acting! lmao