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Twist of the Wrist 2 by Keith Code

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Justin Stacks, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. This has probably been mentioned on the forums before, but for all the new riders (and experienced), that want to watch a DVD or read a book on the basics of high performance motorcycling, this is an amazing book/DVD which can be downloaded through a bit torrent site, or available through Amazon and other sources.

    Twist of the Wrist 2 is known as the cornering bible!

    Tips on cornering, downshifting, braking, busting myths, etc., etc., It is loaded with reliable information by Keith Code who started the California Superbike School, which also has courses available to take here in Australia at Eastern Creek and other tracks around Auz.

    Just watching the movie once has improved some of my bad habits, and now I'm reading the book.
  2. I might be in a minority of one here, but I'm not sure that TOTW2 teaches much about road craft. Trackcraft, yes, and in spades, but the track and the road are very different beasts. What TOTW2 has that is excellent is the list of survival reactions (all riders should memorise them) and the mechanics of cornering. But IMO race lines on the road can be a recipe for disaster when you have traffic coming the other way, and you don't know exactly what's around the corner. Code really knows his stuff and can make a fast rider out of an average one. But I think newbies should read his books with caution.
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  3. One think I noticed is that they are always doing two finger braking in the DVD. The instructors at HART were very strong in saying to always use four fingers.
  4. What are the chances? Just finished watching this 10 mins ago.

    Now to put a few bits and pieces into practice
  5. Ive been riding for 35 years,always used two finger braking.
    Its served me well in other parts of my riding to.
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  6. all finger braking gives you more control and better the grip during heavy/emergency braking. IMO (and I'm not expert here), 2 finger braking is sufficient enough when going through the twisties...cruising or flying through it.
  7. Nup,2 finger is enough to lock up,and you still have throttle control.
    Believe it or not,throttle control is just as important in a "situation".
  8. Yes. ^

    But it 'can' depend on the bike..

    Two fingers is plenty enough for a half decent bike with good brakes or definitely with braided lines. Two fingers on the daytona is enough to lock it up on a dry grippy day. Of course, you could use a handful and just use less pressure, but why commit 4 fingers, when you can have 1 (or 2 in my case) free to help with the throttle, as Blab suggests..

    Some of the older bikes or fairly cheap new ones have weak brakes that require a lot more effort, so you may have to brake with a handful.

    This subject (braking) has been done to death, so do a search and I'm sure you'll have all the answers, and then some.