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Twinkle Toes .. How fast are you?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Archaeon, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Dunno if anyone else has seen this.. but DAMN!

    Given that this can potentially happen at any intersection at any time.. How fast would your reactions have been?

    Picture yourself.. at an intersection, stopped at a stop sign, looking left, then right... then left again... and see one HUGE mofo coming at you REAL fast.. you literally have only 1 second to react before you are DEAD...

    Do you think you would be fast enough to get out of the way...?
    ... Do you think this will never happen to you..?

  2. Best played in fullscreen
  3. wow he got a long way from his bike in a hurry
  4. Fvck me, I never would have seen it, I'd have been in the middle of typing a txt at the lights.
  5. proves that motorcycles are safer.
    if he was in a car, would'nt had time to even unbuckle his safety belt
  6. naah.
    i would have made it.
    just i would have kept running, all the way home
  7. i probably would of stalled it.
  8. damn i thought he got collected......................had to watch it again and again.
  9. I'd a bin squished. Good effort, that man.
  10. No disrespect to the guy, he certainly got the job done and out of the way, but wouldn't it have been quicker to stay on the murderbike?
  11. With only one second to do anything.. I seriously think I would have froze, My brain would have still been processing what my eyes would have been seeing... let alone brain telling legs to jump off the bike and get the hell outta there!
  12. .. Ditto !! I reckon this would have been the most likely result if staying on the bike was the decided action my instinct landed at...

    This is crazy, even now, when I think what I would do if I was ever in such a situation.. I still think I would freeze! Might have to practice some emergency GTFO scenarios! ... or install some eject button somewhere [​IMG]