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Twin Halogen Lights on Trail Bikes?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by matty__, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. Hi guys :)

    Can someone explain to me what the advantage of getting those twin front halogen (i assume) headlights on alot of the trail bikes these days?

    Are they brighter, better, etc?

    Interested to hear peoples opinions, as I am worried if I rode a trail bike at night those big headlights usually seem to be pretty crap from seeing mates bikes at night.


  2. i think shit crappy light r better then no light at all?
  3. umm ok.. That wasnt my question.
  4. Standard trail lights on trial bikes are pretty average.

    You can try upgrading the globe, another alternative is to use just a small halogen spotty from somewhere like SupaCheap/Repco. The charging system in trial bikes isn't the largest capacity.

    When you pick your bike, check it electrical output and you can work out if it can handle an upgrade in lights
  5. what's your output like alex? similar to the klr?
  6. According to the Owners Manual its 240 Watts - don't know about the KLR

    What the GS run at?? The Adventure is even larger capacity isn't it??
  7. Yeah these were the ones I was talkin about, in case people didn't know :p

  8. The output is actually poorer with the twin headlight setups. It's purely an aesthetics thing.
    Check out the bikes setup for the Baja1000. They run a stock headlamp with two big spotties on either side.
  9. there are several reasons i've always done it.

    1 the factory ones are normaly mucho $$$ if you break them, Halogen $5 from Bunnings.
    2 get rid of the weight, light, instrument cluster, indicators etc and less rattles.
    3 keeps the original looking new so it can go back on when i sell it.
  10. basic gs is 600W
    adv is 720W.

    Good thing about the car type alternator is that if you adjust the field strength you can get practically full output at idle - the permanent magnet ones on most bikes need a fair few thousand rpm to get close to peak output.
  11. you can replace the Halogen stock globes with BMW projector headlights. This will cook a roo at 100 meters. Im sure you could source some other types of globes, but I know that beamer ones do the job and fit right in.. (BMW car projectors)