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twicw in a day a car nearly wiped me out

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by awseome, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. Bugger... just when i thought it was safe.. a elderly guy overtook me in my lane. i mean i was riding on the right hand track as i was going to turn right and this guy just goes past me in the same LANE!!!!... i noticed him when he was pretty much past me. then anothe guy in a HSV blinked and turned at the same time... sorta takes the fun out of riding with these dum arse&&#%^
    on the roads :evil:

  2. Yikes, that Sux!

    Whatcha gonna do different next time to avoid that happening again?
  3. ever been a passenger in a car, your following a 4WD or something, and the car ahead is slowing down and signalling to turn right? the lane is reasonable wide, but not enough to allow two vehicles to be side by side.

    cue 4WD, he keeps driving ahead, but swerves to the left a bit, onto the gravel edge, thus passing the turning car.

    this sounds like what happened to you, except the car passing you didnt need to leave the road, as a motorbike allows for more room on the left.

    this is assuming you were already indicating to turn right? and possibly stopped or stopping?

    assuming you had stopped, or come very close to, and were indicating to turn right, the other car actually has the right to pass you. this is my favourite Road Rule, as it saved my arse from alot of costs, while on the pushbike. anyway, i digress.

    so if you care to give a more detailed description of your situation, we will know if this applied to you.

    alternatively, simply turn right from further towards the middle of the lane, thus blocking the car from passing :wink: he might try it on the RHS though, and no-one likes a t-bone :shock: unless its steak :grin:
  4. I've been riding on the roads for over 30 years, I have never had an incident with a car, nobody has ever turned in front of me, no one has ever merged into me.

    I have had my licence cancelled 11 times (8 for speeding, 3 for wheelies), I've had hundreds of crashes on the race track but never any problems with traffic.

    I tend to think it an error on the part of the rider to not be aware of what other traffic can do and place yourself accordingly.

    Man I look left & right before I go through a green light.
  5. +1 Johnny, It is definately lack of attention by the rider that causes 90% of incidents. If you are fully aware of everything happening in front, to the side and behind, you can anticipate almost everything that will happen on the road and make adjustments to ensure they will not happen. Sometimes they will happen anyway, but you can stop most of them.
  6. well to explain again, i had not stopped for turning i was approaching a turn so i was slowing down and looking for the oncoming trafiic. this guy just drives past misses me by a whisker and all the time talking to his wife.
  7. If i'm turning right onto a street even approaching it i'll move as much right as the lane will safely allow.
    I'd rather the car behind me get past me rather than me holding them up and having the chance of being rear ended.
  8. reading the road rules, i cannot give you a definitive answer, but this guy may have had the right to pass you, mate.

    the Rule 141 (1)(b) states "...unless the vehicle IS turning right, or making a U-turn from the centre of the road, AND giving a right change of direction signal".

    no definition is listed as to when you become "turning right" this may be once you start to indicate, once you stop and wait for the turn to clear, or once you start to make the actual turn.

    i could be interpreted such that as soon as you indicate to turn right, you are obviously turning right/u-turn, so the car then may go past/around you in the same lane, if safe to do so. maybe TheTramp64 could help with a little more accurate interpretation of this Road Rule.

    either way, thats the legal side. the moral side, should he have passed you? with an L plate or something on, i'd wait behind so as not to scare you, which obviously happened. others might not.

    its up to you to keep an eye on traffic at all times, this includes behind you. next time your slowing down for a similar turn, keep an eye on any car behind you, using your mirrors, and take note of their approach speed, if they shift position in the lane etc. then you will be aware if theyre going to pass you again like before :)
  9. hahaha and just to play devils advocate :twisted:

    the way i intepret the Road Rules, motorbikes can filter legally. theoretically. you can still be booked for things which are not definitive, such as speed, but passing at an unsafe distance, which is up to the cop who see's you to determine.

    using the same logic, and assuming im right from the previous post, then as he didnt hit you, or cut you off, he has as much right to do what he did, as we do to lane filter!

    /end :twisted:
  10. yeah you gotta keep ya eyes open,

    i had a 4wd do a u turn right infront of me locked up the rear, twice, but kept the bike up, and had to go down his left hand side between him and the gutter... luckily i didnt drop the bike, or hit the gutter or hit the car... dunno how lol..
  11. u were either tailgating or asleep then. learn from it, before you scratch the paintwork on the next 4WD, and write yourself off :?
  12. Glad to hear you weren't hurt, jd2710. This is exactly how my first bike died. 4WD. U-turn. Boom.

    While my heart goes out to the poor 4WD drivers who get their expensive paint scratched by silly, silly motorcyclists as a result of dangerous manoeuvres performed by the 4WD drivers in the first place, this is just plain crap.

    Consider this: the 4WD does an illegal U-turn from the left lane and cuts in front of you (riding in the right lane). The driver can't see you in the mirrors because you are pretty close already - and doesn't bother doing a headcheck or turn the blinkers on. Tell me - who's asleep here?

    Hint: police, two witnesses and the 4WD lady driver's insurance company said it was the 4WD :) Gosh darnit. What idiots... They should have known it was my fault all along :LOL:

    Funny thing is I, indeed, do think it was my fault to a certain extent. Things aren't really as black and white as most of us want them to be. However, in the grand scheme of things the contribution to an accident of a rider going under the speed limit in a straight line is invariably lower than that of a 4WD driver doing a U-turn without looking.

    Well... good for me. I got lots of cash out of it :grin:
  13. my previous post assumes the U-turn was LEGAL. jd2710 didnt say anything about illegal u-turns, simply that they did a u-turn. so i assumed it was legal. in which case, it would be his fault if he crashed.

    illegal, like in your circumstance, is completely different.
  14. The only legal kind of U-turn we have in NSW is where there is no danger of collision whatsoever. I would assume the rules in regards to that are pretty similar across all states, although I could be wrong.

    Here's what the "Australian Road Rules" handbook from the RTA NSW website has to say on the topic:

    Having said all that, it is entirely possible jd2710 was asleep or (much less likely) tailgating at the time. I guess we'll never know :grin:
  15. it was a legal place to do a U turn... but your ment to give way to on coming traffic.... and he saw i was coming as well, looked me right in the eyes, stopped then went... :S maybe he mis judged my speed or something i dunno, in any case he pulled out right in front of me and i had not enough room to brake so i ended up going down the side of him. I didnt do anything afterwards though, i got beside him at the next set of lights and just looked at him and shook my head.
  16. how can i be tailgating him, he was coming from the other direction.

    i made a little pic in paint, click the link (dodgey pic i know) http://img89.imageshack.us/img89/2008/78724307ks3.png
  17. Tailgating wouldn't be the likely cause even if you were going in the same direction. That's why there is the "much less likely" thingie in the brackets. I was quoting nibor :)

    Great pic! :LOL: And yes, you absolutely had the right of way here.
  18. That pic seems to have a lot of male bodyparts-orientated shapes


    I kinda like it
  19. must have been nutter day on Saturday!
    turning left from a single lane with a give way sign. car approaching from right so I slow down to see what he's doing. idiot behind swings around me and turns left in front of me. luckily both the other car and me were watchful. later I'm going through a single lane roundabout where the road was bumpy and in crap condition. turned right a bit slower than usual from wide in the lane cause I didn't want to fall off and another idiot barges his way through on the right of me.