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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by awseome, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. i would normally let a incident like this go like i usually do, so many morons its just not worth my time getting angry at all of them.. but, today was exceptional.

    i was coming back home on the eastern i was in the right hand lane tootling along. suddenly the big 4WD in the next lane wants to drive exactly where i was, saw his blinkers come and i mean i saw the blinkers on his side come not the tail blinkers that where i was ( in plain sight i saw him looking at me the side mirror ). Ebrake and he looks at me and still merges, i swerve in to left lane and take of and forget about it.

    Now end of my run i am preparing to turn in to springvale exit. corner of my right eye i see this 4WD drve change lanes next to me, not worries but he keeps on changing right in to me or rather on top of me, more evasive action. and i a glance at the di$^^*s its the same FREAKING A$$$HO who merged in to me before.

    i was seething, but moved on. sometimes i wish i just wish..
  2. Did you hit the horn as soon as you saw the indicator and move?
    Usually does the trick.

    Starring at people generally does nothing.

    At least you live to ride another day.
  3. You don't simply 'stare' at people, you cast hate and contempt with your eyeballs. There's a difference.
  4. Geez mate, there are some tools out ther...

    If he did it twice it might mean that he wasn't someone who checked over his shoulder when lane changing.

    The mirrors make everything look alot smaller and he might have thought you were a car length behind and "he could fit".

    Sorry if this assessment isn't right but thats the picture I got painted based on the information at hand.

    Re-assess where you sit in relation to other traffic. You want to either be half a car length to a car length behind their car in the adjacent lane or adjacent to the nose of their vehicle.

    If you speed up to sit next to their nose they often speed up thinking you will be cutting them off but at least this way you increase the chance of them registering that "there might be a bike around here even if i can't see it right now".

    We're all subject to merges though... its the worst in heavy traffic when making a good lane position becomes vital and more difficult. The other day I had positioned myself well in the 3rd lane on a 4 lane road and then proceeded to look for gaps into the 4th lane so I didn't have to contend with traffic on both sides of me when a car started to merge over... the lane to the left of me was getting clogged and a bloke who was quite a way ahead of me had in a second of me looking the other way slowed to where i was in his blind spot and went to merge. I saw this, buffered and gassed it out of there then gave him the horn and saw him gesture a "sorry" in my rearview mirror.

    The traffic is such a live and changing environment, especially in peak hour... sometimes we need to be much more on the ball than in our regular riding.
  5. thanks for the advise guys, its been a eye opener in a way..