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Twice in one day :(

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Tildette, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. Good freaking evening.

    Up the top (where else?) of Mt Nebo, stationary drop as I was turning around. Bike was fine, lost a little bit of oil, damage oh-so-minor you wouldn't know it had been dropped - I do believe this was because my leg broke the fall. Thank god for my Sidis. Even after leg was (finally) out there was shit-all damage.

    BUT THEN. 1km from home. Major roundabout. Car flies in front of me as I'm exiting. Thank god for the stupidly epic brakes on the bike because I don't think I'd be typing right now if they weren't as great as they are. But yep, went down on the roundabout. Car flies off into the distance. I can't even remember how I landed it was that much of a blur. I think I kinda got caught on the bike and then went down as a result.

    I don't know how much damage there is to the bike; I lost petrol the second time around, and I was not game enough to start the bike, but wheeling it home it didn't want to go straight and there were some funky clicky noises. Also had problems getting her into first gear from neutral when parking.

    Might put some pics up when it's not dark...

    On top of that I have stupid placement all stupid week so might have to leave the bike sitting there for a while. :(

    Any suggestions on whether to try take it up through insurance? Should the po-po be notified (does that achieve anything/is it even relevant?)?
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  2. notify your insurance company and the Police. If anything goes pear-shaped down the track you will need to have done this.
  3. Of repair bills are going to be more than your excess I would think about claiming the accident through insurance and as such you will need a police report number
  4. And glad to hear your ok and not too hurt from this.
  5. Hope the bikes okay, but more importantly hope you're okay!
    Karma will bite the driver in the ass
  6. Noooo.. The gorgeous RS125's down already.. :shock:
    At least you're in one piece, and alive to survive another cager some other day.

    One thing to add about insurance, you bought comprehensive for a reason, so if the damages justify the potential increases in premium for the next few years, then do it! Chances are, your premium will only increase by a few bucks, depending on the extent of damages.
  7. Also glad you're okay, probably feel it more in the morning , Hope all goes smoothly for you.
  8. Glad youre ok, thats the main thing!!
    I'd be pissed with the 2 drops but shit happens, get back on ASAP. and be smiling again :)
  9. The first one was a drop. Derp. Pretty straight forward.

    The second one was a... crash? Did you drop it because you locked the front or because you were off balance when you stopped suddenly? Have you thought about why you didn't see him earlier, why you dropped it when braking?
  10. Have reported it to the police who were nice enough and rather apologetic (wonder if it's because I mentioned I'm an ambo, people seem to trust and respect us so much) but said they couldn't do squat.

    The second one; honestly I'm not sure. My memory right now isn't good, can only picture how my face was right up in his side door, I'm not sure if I made contact or if I stopped just in time and went down. If I did just drop then maybe I didn't put my legs down. Didn't lock the front wheel. I could have been off balance, I was exiting so not going straight. There are also other factors from the first drop; was trying to gauge if the suspension was a little bit "off", and maybe something sinister contributed.
    I definitely saw him and I think he was going slow approaching the roundabout... probably a SMIDSY as far as his part goes.
  11. Would think he saw you once you near collided though, Makes these Go Pros seem handy does'nt it. How good it would be to have got his rego. Can't imagine any damage from first drop that may affect the handling / suspension Tildette.
  12. Roundabouts are very annoying for us bikers - Fun to fly around when everyone using it understands how to use it

    Id chalk this one as some experience ,and a bad day.Car drivers are slow ,easily annoyed and usually distracted.

    EYE CONTACT ,if you have not got it or been acknowledged ,Be in evasive mode .

    As other have said , get back on the bike ,practice those skills.
  13. Don't rely on "eye contact" alone, I've had drivers apparently look right through me approaching an intersection, and still manage to make a right turn in front of me.

    Look for what their front wheels are doing, direction and rotation.

    EDIT: Although if all you can see is the back of their head, it's a good sign they haven't seen you.
  14. mind was in the wrong place.
    not a good time to ride.
    pretty bike too, please stop hurting it.
  15. ditto.

    I've had cars sort of stop at the big round-about on the moorooduc (pick either of them) and look right at me, and go through.. its either they think they'll make it and you'll slow down, or they haven't looked properly.

    in your case tildette chances are they didn't look..

    hope your bike is fixed up asap, and hopefully you're not injured.

    as has been said, if the damage is more than your excess, claim through insurance.
  16. You are game - given roundabouts tend to be a collection point for oil, petrol, diesel etc. I take the position that there is more fun to be had elsewhere...
  17. 100% Traction all the time, is for pussies
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  18. Hmm the process is getting started... get the feeling it's either going to be rather costly (insurance time!) or rather cheap. I think I might have gotten myself tied down to making a claim though; repairer said they need the case number from insurance before they take the bike off me and do anything incase I do proceed with a claim, but the notice from insurance suggests I'm definitely claiming. Blah, to be sorted out.

    There is so little cosmetic damage; not sure if tiny scratches to fairings means replacement or not, indicator scratched on one side of it closest to the bike (nfi how that happens, and surprised it didn't rip off in the first place) and bent brake lever are pretty trivial.
    It's more front wheel randomly goes "Hahaha no" and wobbles around hence unrideable, brake fluid container rubs against the edge of the windscreen when turning the handlebars, suspension bottoms out at random, funky buzzing on top of the normal buzzing, problems changing between first and neutral at standstill (to park/move the bike with engine off)... haven't fired her up so no idea what mechanical problems may exist.
  19. Guess there's not a lot you can do now except wait and see what the mechanic says.

    Not a great position to be in, I dropped mine the second day I owned it, then had a half hour ride to get it home (wasnt mechanically damaged), so I kind of get where you're at and I feel for you. Hoping it works out better than expected for you
  20. Mechanics need a claim number so they can have it assessed by AAMC for an insurance claim repair - you should be able to go in and have it quoted before the claim is finalised though.