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Twenty20 cricket: MCG gets 80k crowd instead of 50k

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by коннор, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. But, 30k were there only to see and support watermelon boy :)
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  2. awesome crowd, bigger than most aerial ping pong games
  3. Mexican sheep !
  4. But what else is there to do in Melbourne on a mid week night? :bolt:
  5. Did somebody shut the casino?
  6. T'was a Saturday?
  7. The crowds this year for the BBL have been fantastic. Seriously......

    For instance, there was 30,000 (roughly) more people at the Melbourne big bash than there was at the Boxing day test (day 1).

    There were more people at the first BBL game in Brisbane (28,000 odd) than there was at the preceding 5 day test match in Tasmania in total.

    I love Test match cricket, but haven't bothered watching any of the West Indies, it's just too sad. Watched a fair bit of the NZ series though.

    Personally, I'd like to see a return of the 5-6 test series against a single nation over the two 3 match series.

    I was in the crowd of 20/20 is a fad when it was first released.......now I love it. It's like a glorified backyard game of cricket where the players are getting paid big bucks. I seriously wish this stuff was around when I was growing up playing rep cricket. Would be a bit more realistic making a living off of 20/20 now than it was making the test team in the 90's.
  8. how many free tickets? :D
  9. I'm on holidays, the days are all the same....
  10. I'm told that's a big part of why the West Indies test team is, uh, not exceeding historical standards; Their best players are doing T20 all the time and making tons more money than they otherwise would.
  11. The thing is, apart from Gayle all the others were available for test selection but were overlooked. The bbl doesn't clash with the test schedule.

    Due to the politics behind Windies selection many top class players have left frustrated.
  12. Basketball in the USA is the simple answer as to why they are not the great team they used to be.
  13. Yeah well....I'd pay that.

    Though there seems to be plenty of money these days in cricket......20/20 oh wait.
  14. Watson, Hauritz, Batticciotto, Reardon...all guys you played against in rep, all have made money (in varying degrees) from playing T20.
  15. Basketball and baseball were the reasons for poor WI cricket in the 90's and 00's. But with the USA being the second largest IPL subscription audience, the young players are getting drawn there through exposure and the money is getting competitive with other US sports.
  16. You forgot Benny? Geesh..... :p

    You know what I mean. I'd imagine you'd play under 15s these days with a much different view of professional cricket prospects. When I was 15 I was playing cricket while wanting to be Jordan.
  17. Whoops! But seriously, what has Laughlin done other than IPL, BBL, BPL, and playing for Australia?

    I remember we opened the bowling with him first change one grade game and he barely got a bowl after we picked up four each.

    But I digress...