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TW200 passing St Kilda rd tonight?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gracebeey, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. For the guy with the open face helmet on the modded TW200 (at least I'm convinced that's what it is) going from the Melb CBD, passing the St Kilda rd, THAT WAS A HOT BIKE!!!!!


    Wish I have a TW200......
  2. Yeah but its slow! Was it a Deus bike?
  3. Does it look like this? Mine is similar to the one in the picture

  4. i dont understand the attraction to these bikes :?
    but each to their own, i mean, i still see people riding bloody suzukis!
  5. I saw this bike in Yarraville about a month ago, was that you?

    On another note, how would this thing ride with that back tyre?
  6. It is a pretty unusual back tyre, is that tyre made just for that bike? I wouldn't have known what it was - yet another new thing learned today for me. Looks like you could almost ride anywhere on that bike.
  7. No, that must be Wez's bike. I know of at least 3 of these in Melbourne, including mine (see picture) With a bit of fiddling with the exhaust and carbie, they will do 120kmh flat out, and yet capable to go on sand, gravel, grass...

  8. Yeah, it actually does! Not sure if the back tyre is as big as the one in the picture, but it does look like that. My first thought was it may be a Deus one, but not too sure. It was grey black, oh and the rider wore a dark (leather?) jacket with 'Lucky..' something on the back?

    So hot!! (the bike) :p

  9. Gracybeey your from Brisbane are you down in melbourne on holiday?
  10. You've just given me a good idea! My partner recently bought a LAMS-in-waiting Suzuki GR650, motivated by the fact that her aging SR185 needs a rebuild if it's to be rideable. I've been looking for a justification to keep the SR185 registered (the electric start and my bad back is one tick in its favour, compared to commuting on the SR500) but here's another big one and a direction for the rebuild!
  11. Ah, great reminder to update my profile :oops: . I just moved to Melbourne a bit over a month ago from Brissy. What a great city for riding! Bikes are everywhere!
  12. How stable is it with those tyres on sealed roads and highways, including in the wet? If I were to put them on my bike the idea would be to ride frequently from the city out through the Dandenongs / Yarra Valley to get to the dirt roads, come winter and summer and including highways, and naturally I'd still want to feel safe and stable with those tyres on fast sealed roads... What are your experiences?
  13. I have taken off all the pastics so this bike is not good in the wet. As a result I only had a few kays riding in the wet. But I have intentionally gone down High Street between Williams Rd to Tooronga Rd mostly on the tram track (on a dry day) to see how the tyres would behave. The bike treats tram tracks like normal sealed surface, did not slip once, or may be it did but you can hardly notice it.