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tw200 low exhaust

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by ljirv1, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. Gday,

    Pretty new to this motorbike caper and have just bought a TW200. Want to mod it to look similar to a deus machine to belt around melbourne on.

    But i have a couple of questions:

    I want to get a low exhaust for it and was looking at the option from supertrapp (i think it is for a ttr250), was wondering the best place to get one in melbourne, if there was a better option available. I'm pretty keen to make it as loud as possible and not sure if that is my best option.

    Also wanted to paint the standard tank matt black, but not sure where, how or who as i am guessing it can't be done myself.

    and one more (sorry) has anyone who rides a tw from these forums changed the gearing to better suit open roads and if so what cogs did you run with? i have heard that a 14/42 could be the best option

    cheers and thanks in advance for your help
  2. Hey mate, I had a TW200 a while ago.

    I changed the gearing, and it never became a freeway bike. It certainly gave it a bit more oomph though.

    You could get a muffler made up, Deus would charge you about $500-600 or so for the setup. It isn't actually a supertrapp - it's a supertrapp copy called "Supersound" and they are crap. I had one on mine - it sounded pretty good, however.

    You'd best speak to the guys at www.vanem.com.au They bring over all kinds of jap parts (though the website doesn't really say so). I'd do a google search for TW mufflers while you can and speak to them about bringing one over.

    Another way to do things, though much cheaper but a lot more hassle is to use the Japanese auction site - www.rinkya and search for TW200.

    They are a good bike, but will pretty much always be a slug. While not fast, they are bloody easy to work on, indestructible and fantastic fun through the city. (Or if you stick with the high pipe, take it on the sand dunes up the coast and laugh at the blokes trying to dig out their DR650's)
  3. Thanks for that, just out of curiosity what gearing did you change it to? i know its not a rocket but would just like a bit extra if i ever have a longer journey to do.
  4. welcome to TW200 ownership
    I changed the rear cog on mine and am much happier, on the freeway it will happily sit at 90 (ive also got the shenko road tyres on mine.) its a 40T
    ive got a 33T in the tool kit, i might fit it one day to see how fcuked up it is :)
  5. 40T is what I had as well.

    Pulled okay at around 80-90. Not happily though.

    I'm probably fatter. :grin: