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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. Who was the genius who got the latest Ford Focus advert thorough all its stages of development and onto our screens without ONE PERSON saying, "You moron, you're comparing a diesel with a petrol engine; OF COURSE the fuel consumption figures are going to be be better!!"

  2. Haven't seen the add but this in on the website when you click on focus new

  3. That's good, but I've seen the TV advert a half dozen times and I'm SURE the comparison between the Corolla and the Focus doesn't mention the different engine technology..
  4. It mentions one is diesel and the other is petrol.
  5. Ok, can someone rename this thread "The world's stupidest post" then???
  6. Whether it points out that fact or not, if it convinces one moron to go and buy one it will have done it's job. Most consumers won't care what goes in it if it costs them less. (Until they put the wrong one in :LOL: )
  7. they also say it in the fine print at the bottom of the ad... its similar to the battery ads that say they are better than the heavy duty version.... you have to know what it is being compared to
  8. I don't think they make enough money off 1 car sale to justify a TV ad campaign...
  9. it relies on the simple fact that most people are too stupid to think for themselves.

    or read the smallprint

    for 99.999% of people this advert will convince them that a focus is a more fuel efficient car than a corolla

    what bugs me (and I'm biased - guess where I work) is that there are a hundred REAL and GOOD reasons to prefer a focus over a corolla. Why doesn't the advertising highlight these instead of picking on a comparison test that EVERY SINGLE PERSON I have spoken too realises is bollocks
  10. Diesel costs more than petrol so that would even it out.

    Also driving a diesel is like living life with a permanent head cold – deary.
  11. My boss had a diesel Golf. It cost x thousand more than the petrol Golf and we worked out, it'd take about 4 years before the economy advantage would have paid for itself...

    The diesel was only as perky as the petrol one because it had a turbo... without it, it would have been a dog...

    Not sure how a turbo complicates services... but we didn't add any service costs into the back of the envelope calc.

    Having said all that though, whatever we can do to make fuel go further, is a good thing.
  12. I half saw the add once. My first thought was like Hornet and yourself, but then I thought that they are not hiding the fact, just pointing out that the diesel Focus has better economy than the petrol Corolla.

    Can you get a diesel corolla? I don't think so. So the comparison is valid.

    If fuel economy is what you are after then the Focus should be on your list.

    I can't get the sums to work for diesels myself, but the add is still valid.
  13. My mother in law just bought a new focus.

    She hated the desiel one, but loved the petrol. Though hated the holden cruze more then even the deseil.
  14. Yes, they are comparing apples and oranges in that ad.

    For some apparent inexplicable reason, diesel engined cars cost more here than their petrol equivalents. It isn't like that in Europe where diesel engined cars cost the same as the petrol equivalents. They are popular over there since diesel is about 2/3 of the price of unleaded so diesel drivers get the benefit of only going through about 2/3 of the juice and at around 2/3 of the price which results in around half the cost at the pump (I base these figures on those given on Motor Magazine - not the mag but the show - over the 3 years I watched it).

    The explanation I was given at Subaru as to why they haven't got a full diesel fleet is that the govt here is helping Holden and Ford (Commodores and Falcons) by placing a tariff/tax on imported diesel engined cars in order to keep the locals afloat. That could be true and that explanation sounds about right.

    As for diesels having less go, nothing came close to the turbo diesels in the Le Mans 24 hours for both speed and endurance.

    If the government was for real about minimising pollution then they'd give diesel a leg up (or not put an additional tax on vehicles with those engines) for starters considering it costs less to manufacture (I don't know this for sure but it takes less energy to separate out in the fractionating column so I presume it would cost less overall compared to petrol), and the engines are much more efficient. Surely that leads to less CO2, NOx etc going into the atmosphere. I think it might put more particulate matter into the atmosphere - not sure (low sulphur diesel may lead to a win here). Crude oil could go much further but, the way I see it, the powers that be aren't allowing it to do so.
  15. Not in Australia. You can overseas and have been able to for some time now.
  16. Diesels and turbo cars should typically be serviced every 5,000k's.

    You could do oil and filter yourself at those intervals, and save the 10,000 ones for a mechanic to check everything else out - but we're not talking about that as a real option for most people with a new car, after the dealership has told them that missing a service or taking it anywhere else voids their warranty and gives them cancer.
  17. Are you for real here Bonk? I've always beenunder the impression that diesel engines are pretty robust so wouldn't require the type of oil change interval that my old XB needed to run at its best.
  18. Totally for real.
    Diesel engines don't run as 'cleanly' as petrol engines so the carbon build-up in the oil happens sooner.

    Definitely should be changing oil and filter every 5,000.

    Turbo cars typically run hotter, and at higher compression than a standard petrol engine too, so the service interval for fluids should be more frequent.
  19. That makes some sense (quicker rate of buildup of crap in oil). That explains why trucks have such large sumps. I guess low ash/sulphur diesel helps.
  20. Ha ha ha, I thought the EXACT same thing!! Hello, it's a fkn petrol Corolla! Yet another reason not to buy Fords...