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[TV] YMF Loan ASC Round One Racing Action On TV This Weekend

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. From the series web site

    **YMF Loan ASC Round One Racing Action On TV This Weekend**

    After a great season opener at Eastern Creek Raceway last weekend the racing action continues this time on the silver screen this Sunday afternoon on the SBS Speedweek show from 1.00pm to 2.00pm

    The first one hour TV show will feature the premier Superbike classes two races and some great coverage of tomorrow's up and coming champions in the GTY-R Superstock Cup.

    The series TV producer has assured me that the show is excellent viewing with some fantastic on board racing action from the two Superbike races. As it is the season opener there is also lots of colour storys and interviews to bring everyone up to speed on who is doing what this year.

    If one hour of TV coverage isn't enough make sure you again tune into SBS the following Sunday for another 30 minutes of racing action from 12.30pm. The second show will feature a number of the support classes from Australia's premier motorcycle series.

    While we have no dates and times at this moment the remaining one hour of coverage will be featured in coming weeks on SBS Speedweek and FOX Sports. Each round of this year's series will receive 2.5 hours of coverage, an increase of .5 of an hour per round over what was first announced when the TV package was released a number of weeks ago. This means every class will now recieve extra TV time.

    So no matter what you or your friends are doing this Sunday from 1.00pm either turn on your TV's or set your VCR's to record the first show of the year from the 2006 YMF Loan Australian Superbike Championship on SBS.

    For those of you who won't be home this Sunday and subscribe to FOX, tune in this coming Wednesday the 19th April at 8.30pm on FOX Sports 1 (One) where you will be able to see the first hour of coverage on the very popular midweek motorsports show, Inside Speed.
  2. A quick reminder that this would be today at midday on SBS.