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TV-Web show about touring motorcycling

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Daddymakk, Dec 14, 2009.

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    Hi all
    My new TV-Web show is very close to becoming a reality.
    We (myself and my co-producer) have started negotiations with a few sponsors and are just putting the final deal together. Things are close to making this a go.
    I would like to ask for your support.
    Please take the time to view our webisodes.
    The second vid is our pilot, a short version done as a magazine styled “how to” show and is a sample only.
    The first one is the story of the show itself done more in a reality-documentary show format which is more along the direction we are heading although we will be adding tech tips, riding tips, travel pointers etc as well as long term testing of gear I use.

    The story of the Planet Tour

    Thanks in advance. I look forward to sharing my journey and meeting some of you out there.
    Daryl Makk
  2. look forward to viewing more. good luck with it:)
  3. Sounds great Daddymakk! I will be looking forward to hearing about your journey. I have to say it is couragious adverturous blokes like yourself that got me off my lounge chair and into the seat of my bike and boy am I ever grateful. Never too old! You have fun and be safe.
  4. Yep I've subscribed, look forward to more episodes as you get oat and aboat :wink:
  5. Well maybe I am removing my seat to strap a lounge chair on the bike to make you guys feel like more of the road!?
  6. If you come to Melbourne please let us know we will come and say hello.
  7. Yeah...if you come to Townsville likewise!
  8. The more places I can tour down there the better.
    Just getting all the legal stuff ready before we start folks. Summer here starts in late May and we will be covering all of Canada for the first season which wraps up in Oct. After that...we need to head somewhere warm. Not able to let anything else out just yet.
    Thanks to all who have viewed the videos. Feel free to share them on any other riding forums down there.
  9. Nice job DMakk...
    A natural in front of the camera lol show pony :p
  10. Show pony? Is this another Aussie phrase I need to decipher? One day you folks will embrace English as a working language :D :bolt:
  11. Everyone loves the Aussie lingo..its what makes us so adorable.

    Show pony = show off :p
  12. Show Ponies & Work Horses mate.

    Loved your vids. Good luck with it all.
    We'll no doubt get a gathering at your Sydney Shows.
  13. Well if it weren't for show ponies there'd be nothing to watch!
  14. Stone the crows digga, fair suck of the sauce bottle mate ya barkin up the wrong tree there, lay orf the sheila or she'll be havin kittens, fair dinkum!

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    Hi all
    Just an update. Currently we are in the slow legal aspect of negotiations with sponsors which is going even slower during the holiday season.
    We are got bored sitting around and waiting so here is a vid we did just for fun while we get things set up.
    Merry Christmas to all.
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    Its been months of paper work, business dealings and all the other un-fun stuff as we get this set up.
    Here is our latest video
    Video 3- Our latest video preseason
    If you like what you see, please rate them high and SHARE with others. Send me your comments too so I can bring them up in our next production meeting.

    We will be posting webisodes on various websites such as Youtube but for the full versions you will have to be a subscriber and it will be sent to you 3 times a week approx 3-4 mins in length, so they are easy to watch, even at work when you are needing a riding fix.
    The good news is subscribing is free!
    We will also be offering contests for gear as well as discount offers to subscribers in the future.
    Our launch date for the show is June of 2010.
    To subscribe here is the link:

    Thanks in advance. I look forward to sharing my journey and meeting some of you out there.
  17. Hi folks
    Sorry for being MIA for a bit. My world has been filled with meetings, proposal writing and no riding.:nopity: for me.

    We are getting set to shoot our official TV pilot in 2 weeks with a full crew, multi-camera, director.
    Note: Our sample vids were done with just myself and a camera man on a shoestring budget. This pilot will be a true example of how we want the show to look.

    The pilot will be one hour long and will be taken to the Banff TV-Film Festival in June of this year to present to networks around the world.

    We are also making a DVD plus using the footage to make several webisodes (in High-Definition) to be posted online in several sites and to our subscribers.
    It will be a 3-day trip from Calgary out to Banff National Park with stops along the way. If you have never been to this area you should plan on seeing it in your life. Spectacular mountain scenery, wild life and some great roads to explore.

    You (or your business) can be a part by being a sponsor:
    All sponsors from Platinum and up will receive extra exposure through website link, social media and more. The webisodes will remain online indefinitely to maximize exposure to all who participate.

    I understand after last year's economic melt down that funds are tight for some. If you are unable to help please pass the link on to others.
    All pilot funding will be used to take care of costs (damn video guys are pricey!! LOL)
    Thanks for following along so far. If you can please donate and help make me homeless on 2 wheels!
    4601599619_9d2267e51c. 4601599609_9f59274920.
    Sorry for the pale skin...it was a cold June last year.

    Daryl Makk
  18. Sounds good - i always likes shows like this.

    So am i to understand this is pretty much another version of Ewan McGregors's Long Way Down and Long Way Round?
  19. No it will not be another Long Way Round although that show did inspire me as did my friends book Motorcycle Therapy. Pick up a copy

    What Ewan and Charlie did was amazing and very entertaining but much of it was in remote areas and was just about the travel, once around the globe. I have watched their videos and enjoyed them although some of the areas they travelled are not my idea of an ideal place to ride (some of the dual sport guys will have a different opinion on that I am sure) as I am a pavement junkie....with some dirt thrown in here and there.

    My show is about living on the road, meeting the people, seeing the sites, sharing tips on related items (gear,safety, maintenance, travel) to encourage others to do the same while entertaining folks with comedy at live events and on the video. The road is my home and has been most my adult life (former long haul transport driver and traveling stand-up for many many years) so I have decided to dedicate 5 years of my life to travel the planet with only my bike as my home.

    We will be showcasing great places to see while also promoting safety and bringing riders and non-riders together through the videos and live shows so they can see that motorcycle riders, bikers (or what ever handle you go by) are not lawless heathens to be feared but good folks enjoying their passion. If we can get the message out that some driving habits are very lethal maybe we can wake up a few.

    I am doing this from the grass roots level utilizing the web first then TV so as to keep network executives, and their meddling ways of formula TV, out of the equation. I don't wish to be part of another staged "reality" show that hypes up stuff to look like something it is not. We are making one that is going to show what actually happens. As anyone that has done distance traveling by motorcycle knows just about anything can occur out on the road. I wish I had cameras on my test trips last year as I saw some crazy sh*t!! I'm getting a helmet cam soon so I don't miss things like grizzly bears on the highway again. That will get your blood pumping when you can't turn around quick enough I'll tell you!! 4 in one season is enough thank you.

    Of course it all happens with people like you and your support.
    Hope that clears things up for you cbwolf.

    Thanks to all for reading this thread.
    Ride safe!

    p.s. If you and your bike want to be seen on the pilot video become a Platinum Supporter or higher and I'll get you and your pic (Make them as interesting pics as possible if you can and about bike travel) on the show along with the other stuff offered plus I will add a limited edition t-shirt from the show (to be released soon).
  20. Forgive me if I offend...non meant but there will never bee another Ewan and Charlie =D>and there will never be anything like your story either once it's all out there. I am looking forward to seeing another something/anything about life on a motor cycle. Sick of Top Gear; Bring on The Planet Tour!