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TV Tech question(s)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Bogus69, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. Cos you guys are so clever and helpful with other non bike related stuff I thought I would try and school up on TV technology here!

    I am in the market for a widescreen CRT TV.
    I want to go 100 Hz, and progresive scan (my DVD PLayer is progressive scan)

    1. Is progressive scan and 100Hz mutually exclusive? ie. can't be both active at the same time.
    The way I see it, they are 2 features trying to achieve the same thing.

  2. TV runs at 50 hz or fields per second. So each frame is halved by two as PAL runs at 25 frames per second. Increasing the refresh rate to 100hz is a way I guess to increase perceived resolution or at least reduce flicker.
    Progressive shows you the entire frame in one hit, no interlacing or line doubling. It's like comparing your computer monitor to your tv.
    For me I find it much more pleasing on the eye as it is a closer proximity to the film look.

    However you are wise to go for a CRT instead of an LCD or Plasma.
    These things are just too expensive, picture quality dodgy if you buy cheap, heavy (plasma), with poor shelf life. If your desperate for widescreen to watch DVDs then might I suggest a projector? If you want widescreen for day to day viewing then go the CRT. And go 100hz. Grundig make a very nice unit. Stay away from SONY, they have lost the plot.