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TV Show - Cheaters

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Justus, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. If you're into reality TV, Cheaters is showing tonight.

    9:30pm Weds Channel Seven Melbourne
    (60 mins, Rated: M)
    Genre: Real Life

    The reality television show that confronts infidelity and the breach of trust
    in an effort to expose relationship problems and help empower the injured

  2. Sponsored by Relationships Australia, and brought to you by kind permission of the late, unlamented Lionel Murphy, architect of Australia's Family Law Court, the finest in the land :p.
  3. :? Reality ???????????????????????????
  4. Saw the ad on TV the other day. Show the guys being caught in the
    act big time with nice looking decoys & them running away/trying to
    hide their faces when the camera crew turn up. :roll: :grin:
  5. Cheaters is on each day on foxtel. Probably like at least 5-10 times on various channels.
  6. Yeah and its yet another in a plethora of American reject crap shows,that gets rammed down out throats by networks every summer, under the veil of "entertainment", I saw this crap briefly on pay tv in a hotel for interstate work trip recently.entertaiment huh :rofl:
  7. I have cable :)

    I like the episode where the guy was having bondage with the tranny :grin:
  8. You obviously havent seen the episode where the host gets stabbed.....i was sceptical to.....take a look at that episode before you judge if its real or not. Farken funny show though.....
  9. They showed that one tonight. Eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww :LOL:

    That black tranny was one ugly piece of work & the cheater sure
    did have deep seated emotional/sexual problems. :LOL:
  10. HEY WHAT??? you dirty rotten assh0le

    OH it's ok you weren't refering to me :p
  11. Yeah its been on most nights - watching some episodes

    The legal issues associated with the show i thought would be a problem

    * Stalking people
    * Taking video of people without permission
    * Tresspasssing
    * Then the "security" just grabbing people when fights occur (caused by security (and the host) themselves)
    * Arresting people (using handcuffs) as they did in the "stab" episode
  12. Sounds like the kind of quality television I prefer to skip :wink:

    There again I may be forced to watch :p

  13. is this a new aussie version of the american show?
  14. Nope, just the american show used as a "filler" for late night audiences
  15. its been on foxtel for ages..
  16. Watched it last night. How pathetic it was. I can't believe the crap they put on telly these days. But I guess I got sucked in! :oops:
    Won't be flickin to it again. Some people are so weak! :facepalm:
  17. How so?

    What do you think Private Investigators do as part or their work?

    Nothing wrong with cuffing/restraining someone whos committed a criminal offence
    until the Police arrive. I've done it more times than I remember. We all have the same
    powers to make an arrest if your game enough to.
  18. i see your point of view, but how would you feel if i followed you around for days on end filiming your every move for some tv show, then i barge into your house and accuse you of cheating (if you were or not) - then show your face on public tv? Yes they have cheated, but it doesnt mean they have the right to publicly humiliate the cheater and the known/unknown assailant (sp?).
  19. Why not?

    What rights do rats deserve or have?

    Rats are vermin & dont have rights, apart from the right to cop everything that
    comes back to em as a result of their dirty behaviour.

    I should remind you, this kinda thing happens in the media on a daily basis eg. ACA,
    Today Tonight etc where rats are brought out of hiding with a torch & public made
    aware of em, so others dont get bitten by the same vermin.

    As the saying goes: What goes around comes around.

    F*ck em.
  20. The people have the right to have their identies hidden if they ask (and some do)

    But if someone's cheating, they deserve everything they get.