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TV series staring on Foxtel featuring David Beckham and some of his mates in South America

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by davidk, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. Next week (28th) there is a new series staring on Foxtel featuring David Beckham and some of his mates in South America.
    Ok so he's not everyone's cup of tea but the bikes look good! (y)
    here is a link to the BBC page for the program:

    BBC One - David Beckham Into the Unknown

  2. It's actually not a bad watch. Considering the guy's been in the spotlight since his teens he relished being virtually anonymous in the majority of this doco.
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  3. Saw it last year,it was a touch painful.Seem to remember the front guards were missing on there Triumphs.Nobody told them that was a dumb move
    when riding muddy dirt.I supose any TV on bikes is good,even Mr Becums.Be nice to have millions and do this stuff as well
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    Another Celebrity doing a 'hard ride'
    Fark off......

    The whole 'long way down/round' series were bad enough.
    Not even gunna look.

    Real people do it all the time. On their own without bravado.
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  5. Yep, plenty ride a bicyle around the world... lol.
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  6. Oh well...one of the many good things about living in Australia is freedom of choice (mostly!) ....and its up to you wether you watch it or not :p

    I just put it out there that's all....take it or leave it! :wideyed:
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  7. Thanks David I intend to watch it.
  8. Sheesh, the guy has more money than he could ever spend, he's enjoying himself and people love to see celebrities doing "normal" stuff. What can be the harm in that ?
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  9. Yeh it's almost like he's despised because he's successful. Let him live a little.

    It may even be a really good social experience to see how he interacts with people who don't care/know who he is.

    It's a bit rich we idolize people and put them on pedestals but then shoot them down.
  10. To be fair it's mainly Soccer players that get shot down (as Smee pointed out to me a while back).

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  11. I wasn't completely condemning the bloke,good on him enjoying himself but when you watch it there was a cringe factor.He did get up some greasy hills,trying desperately to find some positives.