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TV series' actually worth watching

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by jd, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. Taking inspiration from the movie thread I was wondering what TV shows people might have stumbled upon that they think are definite must sees.

    Not really talking about stuff currently being aired on free TV in Australia (ie reality TV crap), more interested in older shows which actually had a plot but which were either never aired, or never given a decent timeslot, but can now be sourced on DVD (or on the 'net).

    One I just finished watching through is the early 90's series "First Wave". I vaguely remember the first series airing here late at night but don't think they ever aired the second and third. It's a Francis Ford Coppola production and basically follows the same premise as the fugitive - only replacing the one armed man with aliens. I did find the ending slightly dissapointing, but that's suspect that's perhaps only because I've waited nearly 20 years to watch it. Overall it was good, and was certainly interesting to play spot the now famous TV actor playing bit-parts in the show. Definitely worth a look.

    Currently watching through episodes of Farscape which should be familiar to anyone with an interest in sci-fi (you may also remember how poorly it was screened by channel 9). Also re-watching Millenium, which was basically a spin-off from the X-files, but never as popular.

    Also part way through something very different, which is the Japanese anime by the name of "Oruchuban Ebicu". Hard to explain that one though, basically a very adult comedy featuring a talking hamster and many serious WTF moments that only the Japanese are capable of. Worth tracking down if you like anime, and aren't easily offended.

    So what else is good?

  2. The Wire is a must see. Easily the best bit of TV I've ever seen. Friggin' amazing.
  3. hmmm where to start....

    Definately watch sliders or Quantum leap.

    Millenium Was good.

    If you haven't seen it get, Firefly and watch it in order. Something the TV stations didn't do was show it in order.
  4. Ah yes, Firefly was brilliant. Shame it was axed after just one season :(.

    Had forgotten about Sliders. Do remember watching it to begin with but gave up on it after whatever station it was on starting stuffing around with its timeslot. Might have to chase that one up and see how it ended.
  5. If you've seen the movie 'Edge of Darkness' and thought it was OK, then you should definitely hunt down the original TV mini-series of the same name from 1985 (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0090424/).

    'Cracker' is another oldie but goodie.

    The ABC's 'Phoenix' (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0103511) was brilliant also, but might be a bit hard to find unfortunately.
  6. deadwood


    men of a certain age

    blues blood


    modern family



    queer as folk

    rescue me


    oldie but goodie: northern exposure, due south
  7. I second the suggestions for "Edge of Darkness" and "Pheonix".

    If you want a good political documentary series, then "Labor in Power" is very good.

    This one might sound a bit left field, and I don't know if it is available, but "Brides of Christ" was another good series and well worth watching.

    For comedy, "Yes Minister" and "Yes Prime Minister" never date.
  8. Dexter is a good one too
  9. Generation Kill.
    +1 for Firefly too.
  10. Firefly
    Stargate series
    Battlestar Galactica
    The Event

    Big Bang Theory
    How I met your mother
    Shit my dad says

    For something childish I was Star Wars Clone Wars
  11. Lost
    Red Dwarf
    Babylon 5
    Space Above & Beyond (though if you manage to find all of this and rip it I'll take a copy lol)
    BBCs Sherlock Holmes (only about 3 episodes made but awesome modern take on the story!)
  12. Looks interesting, will certainly be checking that one out.

    If you like that you might also like the Japanese series Cat Shit One. Only the one episode so far, but I'm certainly looking forward to the (proposed) 12 episodes yet to be released.
  13. life on mars
    ashes to ashes
    the inbetweeners
    the original BBC series of the office
  14. +1 for The Wire, seriously good television,
    Also add Oz to that list, another HBO series, about prison life. Quite a good watch.
  15. Yep that looks cool, thanks JD.
    Afro Samurai is another I just thought of.
  16. The Unit
    The Shield
    Ultimate Force
    My Name Is Earl
    Outrageous Fortune
    Sons Of Anarchy
    Hotel Babylon
    The Dead Zone
  17. True blood

  18. If you don't mind reading subtitles, Unit One (Danish crime series) is also worth a look.
  19. I sometimes catch bits of 'the wire' and find myself impressed, don't mind that one at all.

    JD if you haven't seen it then get hold of Westwing, I'll think you'll enjoy that.
    The first season is a bit slow till the characters find their feet, but then it takes off and gets full on. My tip is grab the complete series cos it will hook you.

    My favourite show from yesteryear has to be 'twin peaks'. Not everyone's cup of soup but is easily David Lynch at his best. Haunting about sums it up, the music still gives me a buzz.
  20. True Blood
    Mad Men
    The Fringe
    Life on Mars (UK original, not US)
    The Walking Dead
    Battlestar Galactica

    ...to name a few :)