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TV Program - Medical Emergency Ch7 Tuesdays

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. Started last night and is based at the Emergency Dept at the Alfred here in Melbourne.

    Showed the arrival of a rider who had an argument with a car at the end of the show and it will continue next week at 10:00pm with his treatment in the ED.
  2. Bump.

    About to start.
  3. Yep he only had bad bruising to his spine etc , and said he'd never ride again when he left the hospital.

    POSTSCRIPT : he's back riding again

    Way to go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Laughed when I saw that :LOL:
  5. Ohhh forgot to watch that again!!!
  6. Argh, I forgot to watch that too.. but considering the over dramatization I am sure I really didnt miss a whole lot :roll: :D
  7. I remember visiting a mate in hospital after he'd managed to munch himself between his bike and a car at about 100mph and subsequently crushed his pelvis and torn the muscle away from his spine who was saying he'd used all his luck and he'd never ride again... and the next time I saw him he'd bought a ride-on mower... and the next time I saw him he was back on a bike...
  8. um, how can you over dramatize real life events??? to the people involved it can be quiet dramatic, but to health care staff (ie nurses and ambo 's) it could seem over dramatized as they/we would see it as "every day" stuff. but as always,the media can /may play things up a little and to the people who dont know well...........every one is entiled to their opinion arent they.

    emjaye :D
  9. Actually, the events/narration was over dramatized.. people who have heart arrythmia's don't always have "life threatening ones" when they go into Atrial Fibrilation or SVT. The way she narrated that particular patient made her sound like she was on deaths door and everything was spoken of as "life threatening"!

    Certainly the patient had a fast/irregular heart beat but she had stable vital signs so was NOT in imminent danger of dying nor throwing a clot to her brain, and was in the right place to be treated. If they felt she was in danger they would have cardio reverted her immediately....so I wasnt referring to the actual situation rather the handling/narration of events which now if anyone in the general public gets a fast heart beat they think they are going to have a "life threatening" problem!
  10. Hehe my experiences with medical centres....
    "Oh you are in extreme pain in your abdominal region? Can't walk, eat, drink or sleep for 2 days? Well you wait right there writhing in pain for 4 hours before we get somebody to look at you. Then we'll make you wait in the emergency room for another 2 hours" :shock: :p :p
  11. Now that's the kind of Reality TV I'd like to see! People sitting around in a waiting room for a couple of hours.

    It'd be like Survivor. Whoever survives the longest without medical attention wins the grand grand prize of getting to see the doctor... :LOL:
  12. Poor Minna!

    I feel so bad when you get nights like that and you know that you are going to have to start top and tailing the patients in the beds to get them all in the department :( You should be SEEN immediately by the triage nurse who will try and do something about your pain..the wait times BLOW on a bad night.. 4-6 hours can be normal..sucks.
  13. :shock: :shock: :shock:

    What was wrong? Did they do an OK job when they finally got to you or is there an even longer tale of woe after that.
  14. Did anyone see me, I was on for like 2 seconds hehehe
    Code Blue your spot on, what a load of rubbish. Like you said if it was so life and death you would revert her straight away. (SVT)
    Sorry talking shop here
    I loved the bit with the arrest and the guy asks the MICA how he feels lol
    People die, particually old ones who are sick.
    Not really impressed with the show to over the top. Unfortunately they can't show the really good stuff like psych patients and the drugged out and drunk, which is a pity as it's very entertaining sometimes.
    Oh and I might be on in a few weeks again, and they were filming my good side the whole time too!
  15. why do you watch this crap .

    its is a piss poor australian take off of E.R and all saints.
    It is hyped up crap , and not how it really works or what actually happens .
    All this reality bullshit is a load of exactly that , if you want reality , go sit with a psych special in a cubicle when the idiot doctors have taken him of all his anti-psychotics and wont restrain him and lets see the camera fly then , or go out in the waiting room and film looking around the waiting room at the other people for 4 hours (thats reality)

    or interview the sick , lame or lazy who use the cas dept for there own personal gp service as they dont want to part with the gap money for seeing a GP , or even interview and make management explain why the cas dept is working undermanned because they dont want to fork out for agency staff .

    when so called reality TV is about reality and not the hyped up cases (best for viewing) then it MAY be worth watching until then dont insult your intelligance and turn it over
  16. Split kidney, scab formed over the split and rubbed against the protective lining and my kidney. Tried to get me to swallow that stuff for cat scan but I threw it up which clenched my stomach which was more pain :roll: Gave me morphine and I was in la la land afterward :p :p
    I do remember it was painful when they were wheeling me out as I got transferred to another hospital. Why the hell do they always put those bump things across the corridors?? :?

  17. Erm
    Easy, they have to make the tv more exciting and watchable.
    Only way to do that is to make the narration sound more "exciting"
    Makes for better tv viewing.
  18. I liked how the MICA was following the Sprinter Ambulance down Flinders Street & I'm sure I saw it go past Flinders St station 3 times and each time was further away from it. Just goes to show the person editing it wasn't from Melbourne................

    And then they both got stuck behind a tram near the Cashino.
  19. Amen to that Minna!

    I sat in casualty at Box Hill for 6 hours with a broken leg before anyone came to see how I was going.

    They asked if I needed something for the pain but it was numb by then :evil:
  20. you big blouse , see it was numb , you could have walked over and asked for some pain relief :wink: :LOL: :LOL:

    Thats why its better to get taken in an ambulance .
    You get seen quicker because you are a higher priority in a lot of cases , plus the ambo's need to get you off there stretcher so they place you in a cubicle straight away . (unless they have spares)