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TV monitors in cars - is it legal?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Kaer, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. Riding home. In the Sydney Harbour Tunnel.

    SUV in left lane, with one of those tv screens in the middle of the windscreen. It's on. Kids in the back.

    I pulled in alongside and cranked the monster up to 7k rpm for a bit before pulling away.

    Then I thought I should have got the license plate and reported them. But then was when I was long gone.

    But then I wasn't sure if it was illegal or not.

    Is it?
  2. I'm sure I saw something the other day about new fine and points for various offences that had "TV/DVD Screen on while driving".

    So, I think it's OK to have them in the car, but not on while driving...
  3. TV monitors in cars should be illegal. As should hot chicks walking along public roads. Very distracting, and its high time the government did something about it.
  4. It's legal as long as it's not in the drivers view or if it is in the drivers view it only operates when the handbrake is on.

    I still remember a couple of months back riding past a couple in their Liberty on the Geelong highway with the girl obviously enjoying the p0rn she was watching in the passenger seat. Not sure how safe it is to have one foot on the dash and the other out the window though :LOL:
  5. Yeah i think what LineNoise said is correct. It cannot be within the drivers view. I don't think cars come with them factory fitted in the front do they for this very reason???

    I know the Holden Caprice has 2 fitted in it but i believe they are both in the back of drivers and Passengers front seat for the people in the back to watch!!


  6. A few do come with factory ones in the front (IS250 with the right options) but they are almost always combined with a satnav system and will ONLY play DVDs with the handbrake on (unless you remove the switch of course).
  7. I believe the BMW X5's dash mounted screen cuts out as soon as the vehicle starts moving.

    They are legal if the Driver cant see them, the other problem is if the driver of a vehicle running along side is too busy watching your TV :shock:
  8. Why take note of their registration?

    They are not going to get an infringment because of it.
  9. No they won't get an infringment.

    If reported to the RTA, they will send out a warning letter based on a report.

    If reported to the Police, they will give them a warning call. (depending on the situation and how busy the popo are at the time).

    Of course if they ignore either, nothing happens.
  10. Three cheers for the chick watching p0rn!!! I think I'd stack if I was checking out cars for naughty DVDs :p Not to mention when the lovely wife is on the pillion :shock:

    Well spotted...
  11. The BMW TV screen, which is an optional feature, not standard, does black out, picture and sound, once the car moves. So at the red lights you can watch TV if you want! Must be the reason why people are so loathe to take off for a green light these days!
  12. :LOL: Read an article recently about a guy in the US that was actually arrested for watching p0rn while driving. Since the screen was clearly visible from outside the vehicle he was charged with "public broadcast of offensive material". Out here they can be booked, it's a condition of roadworthy that any screens displaying entertainment material (as opposed to info like satnav) not be visible to the driver when moving - so technically the car would be unroadworthy.
  13. That could be fun!! :twisted: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: