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TV Licence - WTF!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Dakotabre, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Just browsing the online news articles at work... and came across one about TV Licensing in the UK....

    Apparently to own/watch tv on a tv or laptop etc, you need to buy a tv licence. It works out to be around $265 Australian dollars a year for the licence for a colour tv, and they have people who go round the streets with little electronic devices to pick up tv signals, so they can catch and fine those who don't have a tv licence!! Your allowed to watch video clips on the internet ONLY if that video clip is not being shown on the tv at the same time!!

    How ridiculous is this!? Are there any other bizarre laws in places you know or heard of?
  2. Apparently they used to have it here, but so many people defaulted they gave up trying to recover the money.
  3. Just to add to ibast, what I was told was that the Aussie licence system failed because neighborhoods functioned well and if the TV signal tester folks were on the move, the warnings would run wild and whole neighbourhoods would turn off their TV's.

    If the TV is off, there's no signal to detect.

    Onya Aussies! (we just need some of that spirit to reverse the nanny state we're turning into)
  4. Really?? Wow, this is the first time I've heard of such a crazy thing!

    Yeah good on the Aussie's for sticking together on that one ;)

    I'm waiting for the day that we get charged 'per email' we send...
  5. Correct... us English (although been in aus for 3 years now) have to pay for the licence because we have the BBC, which does not run adverts unlike ITV/Chan 4/5 etc etc... so they raise revenue from manditory licencing but we get good programs from the BBC which allows abc viewers to see some of this also.
  6. +1 The difference is in the UK they have 10000 people living in the same space we may be lucky to have a quarter of that.
  7. And that's why British TV is so much better than the drivel here..
  8. Yep, I freaked when I heard about TV licenses also... Mate at work (a kilt barer) explained it all to me.

    He also said as others above have said, the free to air channels like BBC etc are quite decent viewing.
  9. The money goes to fund the BBC. The same goes for the ABC here, but the money comes out of government "coffers" rather than a specific tax
  10. I would pay that just to watch the full BBC coverage of the Formula 1 and motogp, anything else would just be a bonus.
  11. They used to send out vans with detectors in them to find out who had a TV without a license!! :eek:
  12. Hmmm, guess I can't really comment because I don't know much about BBC and what shows are on offer.... but still $265 buck a year to watch tv!!!
  13. If you divide the annual funding to the ABC by the number of Australian households, I wonder what the figure would be?
  14. No where near that if I remember rightly BBC Radio 4 which is the UK equivalent of Radio National has a bigger budget that the whole of the ABC.

    But that may be bollocks of course...
  15. Was about to say the same thing.

    The BBC coverage of the F1 is the best you will get anywhere.

    I used to download the torrents of QF sessions but since 1HD started showing them I stopped D/L them.
  16. For your licence fee, you get to watch:

    BBC Parliament
    BBC HD
    + Regional TV and news

    Then you get to listen to:

    Radio 1 Pop
    Radio 2 Middle of the Road
    Radio 3 Classical
    Radio 4 News, drama, talk, current affairs
    Radio 5 Talk + Sport
    +39 Local Stations

    All of the BBC online content, all of which is available to UK IP addresses

    BBC has one of the finest news gathering services in the World, unbiased and not beholden to a proprietor or political interference.

    And this is for 39p per day, or about 80c

    So you either pay for it explicitly via a licence fee, or through taxes. Either way, if you want TV that isn't the shite that's served up by the commercial stations here, you have to pay for it.
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    You're obviously not a Young Ones fan then?

    This is all you need to know...
  19. This started to get my back up till I realised you were right. :cool: